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This principal PIUG Discussion Forum (PIUG-DF) is for matters of general interest to the patent information users community.

  • Use this forum for collaborating and sharing knowledge about developments in patent information from patent information users, patent offices, and patent information vendors. Suitable topics for discussion include indexing and searching techniques, new databases and systems (online or in-house), and developments in existing databases. See Guidelines for Commercial Participation for clarification.
  • Users must be signed up to the PIUG wiki and logged in to add topics or comments. All users may view content except a few specifically restricted pages.
  • Post press release-type information and simple announcements as blog posts rather than PIUG-DF topics. See the PIUG Blog Archives.
  • Contribute topics on Job Postings, Situations Wanted, questions to the PIUG Leadership, questions to the Electronic Communications Committee, and Wiki Administration issues to the forums specifically established for those topics.
  • Watch the whole PIUG Space via the "Watch this Space" link under Settings in the top blue menu bar after login to receive full-content email notifications for all new PIUG-DF topics and comments. This also alerts users to new and edited blog posts, other informative wiki pages and comments on them. The alternative option of activating the "Watch this Forum" link in the top menu bar risks having users miss out on other non-PIUG-DF information. All users receive summary "Daily Updates" with links to all new and edited content by default. See the Watching Spaces, Forums, and Pages - Quick Reference Guide page for more information.

Notice on use of PIUG Name and Logo: No one may use the PIUG name or logo for any promotional or commercial purpose or any other purpose without the prior written consent of the PIUG Board of Directors.

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March 7 is the last day to register for PIUG 2014 Annual Conference at the early bird rate! 
Jim Brown 20 Feb 0 -
Reminder for the PIUG 2014 Biotechnology Conference: Hurry! Make your hotel reservations
Monica L Weiss-Nolen 15 Jan 1 Monica L Weiss-Nolen 04 Feb
In only a few months' time, patent information users from all over the world will be meeting
Susanne Hantos 22 Jan 0 -
Colleagues,          Other than PatentSeq and Harbor Consulting IP, do you know of or have
Lucy Curci-Gonzalez 17 Apr 0 -
Bob, Like many of us, I remember that 80% mythical number but do not recall its source.  What
Margaret Rainey 28 Mar 31 Elliott Linder 16 Apr
Sandeep, You may also find the following free resources provided by the World Intellectual
Sandeep Kanna 14 Apr 5 Alex Riechel 16 Apr
Stephen, thank you for taking care of this annoying matter and for your comments. I was
Guido Moradei 10 Feb 2 Guido Moradei 15 Apr
LastPass changed its assessment of from "Likely" vulnerable to "Probably" was
Alan Engel 10 Apr 2 Alan Engel 11 Apr
Thanks Edlyn Simmons, Yes, even I feel that thers is no up to date information in the web
Sandeep Kanna 03 Apr 9 Sandeep Kanna 10 Apr
Ever find yourself feeling that there is more information to be found, but you don’t know
Ron Kaminecki 10 Apr 0 -
When:   September 29 - October 1,2014 Where:  The Heldrich Hotel, 10 Livingston Ave., New
Kimberly Miller 08 Apr 0 -
Most of us learn to work with patent information without learning about the law and procedures
Edlyn Simmons 07 Apr 0 -
Today is the last day to register for the Annual Conference at the standard rate before a
Ron Kaminecki 04 Apr 0 -
Dear colleagues This is a reminder that Magister Ltd will be running a pre-conference workshop
Stephen Adams 03 Apr 0 -
PIUG 2014 Annual Conference April 26 – May 1, 2014 Hyatt Regency Orange County Garden Grove,
Ron Kaminecki 02 Apr 0 -

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Page: Introducing the new Stu Kaback Business Impact Award for 2013 Page: Alternatives of Thomson Innovation Patent Database Page: PIUG is mentioned in Nature Biotechnology Feature article Page: PIUG 25th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet 2013 - submission deadline extended to April 5, 2013 Page: Outshine your competition with personal branding Page: Patent Assignee Cleanup Using Google Refine (Open Refine) - Text Facets and Clustering Page: Special Guided USPTO Tour Page: Hotel Room Reservation Reminder: 1 day left! Page: Sign up for a workshop today! Page: 2013 IPI Award Recipient Named! Page: Expanding Patent Families and Other Multi-Value Fields with Google Refine (Open Refine) Page: IPI-Award Website Updated - Dr. Sandra Unger Named 2013 Recipient Page: PIUG 2013 Northeast Conference: Save-the-Date, Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2013 Page: Questel Workshop @ PIUG 2013 Annual Conference Page: Text Comparison Tools for Assisting with Patent Claims Analysis Page: Call for Speakers for Pharma-Bio-Med 2013 in Berlin Page: Killing Innovation or saving those who cannot afford? - Overview of Novartis AG Patent Case in India Page: World Patents, Mapped - Technology Field Distributions Page: Non-patent literature search resources Page: Searchind & displaying on the USPTO's EAST system Page: Nancy Lambert's request for help at PIUG Meeting Page: IPI-ConfEx 2014 - Call for Speakers - Submit Your Interest by 17 May Page: Are patent assignees now listed on US Applications? Page: Sri Lankan Patent Search Page: Examiner-cited patent references for US applications: How is this info entered into DOCDB? Page: Plenary Session Coverage of 2013 PIUG Annual Conference and II-SDV Meeting Page: ePCT Docketing Best Practices Page: Venezuelan Patent Agent Recommendations Page: Call For PIUG Newsletter Submissions Spring 2013 Page: REMINDER - PIUG NE 2013 Conference Call for Papers Page: The Linear Law of Patent Analysis Revisited Page: Patent Strategy Lesson: Shaping Patent Claims to Match Changing Markets Page: 2013 Stu Kaback Business Impact Award Recipient Announcement Page: China is joining the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) System Page: When Public Opinion changes Patent Laws Page: Supreme Court Decides Myriad Gene Patenting Page: All Citations Are Not the Same - Exploring Examiner Citations from US Patent Documents - Parts 1 & 2 Page: Why do A1 claims take precedent over B2 claims in the EPO data? Page: Current awareness covering PTAB decisions Page: All Citations Are Not the Same - Exploring Examiner Citations from US Patent Documents - Part 3 - Blocking Citations from Patent River Page: U.S. Patent Landscaping & Analysis Page: New this Week: A Letter to the FTC Against Frivolous Lawsuits, and a Tool Review - Relecura Page: Attn CAS re disclosed "announcement" Page: AmberScope V2 launched! - New features to help you find better patents faster Page: Show me the closest patent! Case studies of new patent similarity analysis, including on America's most litigated patent Page: Patent Analysis Lesson - Why I Don't Use Extended Families When Counting Patents Page: Are Human genes patentable? - Overview of Myriad Genetics Inc. human gene patent case in USA Page: Marketing Ads Page: The technology history of the Amazon one-step patent Page: Who to contact at USPTO to get information on currency of entry to national phase of PCT for US? Page: A Twisted Tale; Of Patents Purchased and Plans that Fail - A Post on Design Patents Page: LAST Day (Today-Sept. 6th) for Early Bird Registration for the PIUG 2013 NE Conference Page: Patent Strategy Lesson - "The Innovator's Dilemma" and Patent Committees - A Guest Post by Peter Kim Page: Reminder: PIUG 2014 Biotechnology Conference Call for Papers Page: Machine Learning in Patent Analytics - Part 1: Clustering, Classification, and Spatial Concept Maps, Oh My! Page: Proposition: Top level domestic patent information industry is essential to top level domestic innovation Page: Machine Learning in Patent Analytics Part 2: Binary Classification for Prioritizing Search Results Page: DWPI Manual Code Revision 2014 - submit your suggestions! Page: Brazilian Patents Page: Machine Learning in Patent Analytics - Part 3: Spatial Concept Maps for Exploring Large Domains Page: How reliable are patent classification codes during patent searching and landscaping? Page: Report from WIPO Workshop on Patent Analytics and Additional Workshop Dates Page: Sept. 8th is LAST day to receive the PIUG-rate at The Heldrich Hotel for the PIUG 2013 NE Conference Page: Theresa Stanek Rea Resigns Page: 2014 PIUG Annual Conference Call for Papers Page: Reminder Oct 16 Deadline - Patent Information Dedication Deserves Recognition Page: Company as Employer as Inventor in Canada Apps Page: New this Week: The Impact of PCT Applications on the US Patent System and Multiple WO Documents in the Same Extended Family Page: Small patent departments - who are you and what do you do Page: Searching EP applications close to grant Page: Why I Don't Use Simple Families When Counting Patents Either Page: PIUG 2013 NE Conference - Thank You! Page: Sad news - Monty Hyams, father of Derwent, passed away yesterday Page: Twitter Feed and Report from 2013 PIUG Northeast Conference Page: Last week: 2014 PIUG Annual Conference Call for Papers! Page: PIUG Mentioned in EPO President's Recent Blog Post Page: Who Knew Patent Analysts Wrote Code? - A Guest Post by Matt Fornwalt Page: Proposing a Patent Analysis Feature (Request) Page: PIUG Biotechnology Conference 2014 Program Announcement Page: El Condor Pasa: Fred Sanger Page: USPTO Software Partnership Meeting - Dec 5 2013 Page: Danish change of publication practice Page: Happy Thanksgiving! What's Cookin' in Analytics Page: Final Reminder: 2014 Stu Kaback Business Impact Award Page: The deadline for applications for the 2014 Brian Stockdale Memorial Award is approaching Page: IPI-ConfEx 2014 - Programme News and Early Registration Discount Page: GB patents with D0 kind code Page: Truth is Stranger than Fiction Page: Report from WIPO Workshop on Patent Analytics in The Philippines Page: Merry Christmas:) Page: Discounted registration deadline for PIUG Patent Information Fundamentals Course is approaching fast Page: Online file inspection for Germany Page: PIUG 2014 Biotechnology Conference Presentations are online in the Members-only Section Page: USPTO Patents Dashboard Page: PIUG Announces Annual Conference Keynote Speaker & Preliminary Program! Page: 2014 IPI-ConfEx Programme Now Available - 3 Dynamic Days of Knowledge Enrichment and Networking Page: Patent Information Professionals - Reporting into Legal or R&D Functions Page: International patent systems strength 1998-2011 Page: Register for the PIUG Patent Information Fundamentals Course before advance registration ends on February14, 2014 Page: Risk and Diversification - A Framework for Patent Strategy Discussions Page: Publication date Page: Map for parking garage at 650 E Kendall Square Page: IP settlement database? Page: CPC and Molecular Biology Workshops available at PIUG 2014 Biotech meeting Page: Questions about non-publication of US applications Page: Russian Patent Abstracts Page: Dr. Stephen Boyer Named IPI-Award Recipient 2014 Page: TED Talk on "Where's Google Going Next?" Page: 2014 PIUG Salary Survey Page: "80% of technical information found only in patents" - is there proof of this? Page: Correlation and Causation – How Often Do WO Documents, with US as the Priority Country, End up Not Publishing in the US? Page: PIUG 2014 Annual Conference Rooms Page: PIUG 2014 Annual Conference - Workshop on "IP in Africa" Page: Comparative Analysis of patent searching tools [Patent searchers are looking for any advanced options ? ] Page: Friday, April 11th, 2014 is the Last Day for the Standard Rate for the Annual Conference Registration Before the Price Increases Page: Register for Fundamentals of Current Patent Law workshop, Garden Grove CA, Saturday, April 26, 2014 Page: Save the Date for the PIUG Northeast Conference 2014!!! Page: Search Strategies Workshop at the PIUG 2014 Annual Conference Page: Heartbleed Bug on Patent Information Sites Page: Patent searching material needed for college classes Page: Firms that prepare sequence listings for US patent applications Page: A First Look at Patent Document Search - A New Feature on Reed Tech Patent Advisor Page: Business Capacity and Communicating "Capability" Page: Call for Questions for PIUG 2011 Annual Conference Panel on Crowdsourcing Patent Research Page: Committee on Chemical Abstracts Service (CCAS) Invites Feedback (November-December 2011) Page: DWAP - Japanese Orange Book? Page: Good news! We 've extended the Early Bird Registration rate until August 31. Workshops and STN User Meeting in Berlin Page: ICIC 2010 in Vienna and ICIC 2011 in Barcelona Page: ICIC 2012 Programme is online Page: ICIC in Barcelona - Last minute booking Page: IFFI Players 2011, casting call Page: II-SDV Meeting 2012 - Nice Page: Making IPscore® a tool for technology transfer Page: March 7 is the last day to register for PIUG 2104 Annual Conference at the early bird rate! Page: Newcomers to patent information - applications being accepted for 2013 Brian Stockdale Memorial Award Page: Old editions of the FDA Orange Book Page: Only seven weeks to go until the start of the ICIC meeting in Barcelona Page: Patent Citations-Rationale Page: Patenting DNA, the Building Element of Life - Trends and Governing Laws Page: Patent lawyer, Kickstarter & Flying toys for Angels Page: Programme II-SDV (International Conference - Search, Data Mining and Visualization) is announced Page: Reminder: PIUG 2013 Biotechnology Meeting - Call for Papers Page: ST. 26-The Past, Present and Future of Sequence Listing Preparation-Parts I and II Page: UK PATMG Summer 2013 Meeting Page: Workshop: Overview of Asian IP: patent sources and searching; 13 October 2013