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This principal PIUG Discussion Forum (PIUG-DF) is for matters of general interest to the patent information users community.

  • Use this forum for collaborating and sharing knowledge about developments in patent information from patent information users, patent offices, and patent information vendors. Suitable topics for discussion include indexing and searching techniques, new databases and systems (online or in-house), and developments in existing databases. See Guidelines for Commercial Participation for clarification.
  • Users must be signed up to the PIUG wiki and logged in to add topics or comments. All users may view content except a few specifically restricted pages.
  • Post press release-type information and simple announcements as blog posts rather than PIUG-DF topics. See the PIUG Blog Archives.
  • Contribute topics on Job Postings, Situations Wanted, questions to the PIUG Leadership, questions to the Electronic Communications Committee, and Wiki Administration issues to the forums specifically established for those topics.
  • Watch the whole PIUG Space via the "Watch this Space" link under Settings in the top blue menu bar after login to receive full-content email notifications for all new PIUG-DF topics and comments. This also alerts users to new and edited blog posts, other informative wiki pages and comments on them. The alternative option of activating the "Watch this Forum" link in the top menu bar risks having users miss out on other non-PIUG-DF information. All users receive summary "Daily Updates" with links to all new and edited content by default. See the Watching Spaces, Forums, and Pages - Quick Reference Guide page for more information.

Notice on use of PIUG Name and Logo: No one may use the PIUG name or logo for any promotional or commercial purpose or any other purpose without the prior written consent of the PIUG Board of Directors.

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We are pleased to announce the detailed preliminary program for the 2015 PIUG Biotechnology
Ruben Diaz 05 Dec 0 -
PIUG 2014 Northeast ConferenceMonday, September 29 to Wednesday, October 1, 2014 The Heldrich
Kimberly Miller 31 Jul 0 -
There is also:
Jean-Christophe Piot 11 Dec 2 Andrea Davis 17 Dec
Sort of... Not really their job to put the world on notice since it's USPTO data. The USPTO
Dominic DeMarco 13 Dec 2 Dominic DeMarco 13 Dec
Start spreading the news! The PIUG Patent Searching Fundamentals Course has finally gone West!
Dominic DeMarco 08 Dec 0 -
Hello Everyone, I had the pleasure of attending the EPO Patent Information Conference in
Anthony Trippe 04 Dec 0 -
Bravo!  Win/win.
Elliott Linder 08 Nov 2 Kristine H. Atkinson 01 Dec
Dear fellow PIUG Members, I am very pleased to announce the official release of the PIUG
Elliott Linder 28 Nov 0 -
A renaissance person-- so many contributions, we've all benefited from her legacy. On Thanksgiving,
Elliott Linder 06 Nov 9 Kristine H. Atkinson 27 Nov
Hello Guido, Thank you to our well versed Italian colleagues for pointing this out. I am
Anthony Trippe 24 Nov 4 Anthony Trippe 26 Nov
Yali, Thanks for the info.  It is helpful to gather stats.   Steve
Steve Tuthill 17 Nov 7 Steve Tuthill 21 Nov
Michael,Thank you for sharing this nugget of knowledge! Not something I'll use every day,
Dominic DeMarco 20 Nov 3 Dominic DeMarco 21 Nov
First time commenter. I can't help but think that your client is going from one mistake to
Ken Koubek 27 Oct 4 Gregory Hlatky 31 Oct
Hello Everyone, Our friends at WIPO have continued to improve the worldwide patent register
Anthony Trippe 27 Oct 0 -
The 12th annual International Patent Information Conference & Exposition (IPI-ConfEx) takes
Natasha Kay 16 Oct 0 -

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