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Added by Admin - Tom Wolff , last edited by Admin - Tom Wolff on Oct 14, 2013 13:53


Welcome to the PIUG space in the PIUG wiki, where patent information users meet.

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on 20 Feb, Jim Brown wrote:
March 7 is the last day to register for PIUG 2014 Annual Conference at the early bird rate! 
on 04 Feb, Monica L Weiss-Nolen wrote:
Reminder for the PIUG 2014 Biotechnology Conference: Hurry! Make your hotel reservations
on 22 Jan, Susanne Hantos wrote:
In only a few months' time, patent information users from all over the world will be meeting
3 hours ago, Alex Riechel wrote:
Sandeep, You may also find the following free resources provided by the World Intellectual
22 hours ago, Robert E. (Bob) Buntrock wrote:
Ron, thanks for reminding us of the work of Pete Rusch on the frequency of publications for
on 15 Apr, Guido Moradei wrote:
Stephen, thank you for taking care of this annoying matter and for your comments. I was
on 11 Apr, Alan Engel wrote:
LastPass changed its assessment of from "Likely" vulnerable to "Probably" was

Recent PIUG Blog Posts

INTELLIXIR Version 9.1: Business Cases for mining Patent and Non-patent literature Are you interested in learning new methods to leverage technical information in order to drive business decision-making and support innovation? Want to know more about blended analysis of patent and non-patent literature on a single web-based solution? Want to learn about the added values INTELLIXIR can bring to your activity? Sign up now for the INTELLIXIR Free Workshop!…
Join us at PIUG 2014 in Orange Country, CA on April 27, Sunday 11am for this free 60 minute workshop that focus on PatSeer’s unique capabilities across search, analysis and collaboration that take your patent research to the next level. Join us to see why at PatSeer we are truly innovating to solve greater challenges faced by patent professionals.…
Join us at PIUG 2014 in Orange Country, CA on April 27, Sunday 10am for this 60 minute free workshop on how Patent iNSIGHT Pro gives you full flexibility when mining through large sets of patents. Patent Professionals can make use of the workshop to understand why the learning curve for Patent iNSIGHT Pro is minimal and how we have combined years of feedback from power-analysts into easy to use and yet powerful tools that  help you become an expert user in just 2-3 days of use.…
Hello everyone, I had an opportunity to look at, a site providing information on PTAB decisions. A Look at Patent Board Ferret - Decisions from the Patent Trial and Appeals Board When the stakes are high, having additional information about the Examiner’s hand can be very powerful. Sometimes the Examiner has a pretty strong rejection based on the statute, the Rules, and the accompanying case law. However, this may be difficult to know unless familiar with the Code,…
IP Intelligence is an increasingly important component to help take data-driven business decisions. To be most useful, these IP insights should be contextual and timely. We have put together a session to illustrate this aspect of the delivery and use and IP intelligence. If you are planning to attend the PIUG conference this year, do sign-up for this free workshop.…
As you make your plans for PIUG 2014, please consider registering for the BizInt Smart Charts workshop on Sunday. BizInt Smart Charts: Developing a "Cookbook" of Reports and Visualizations to Support Drug Target and IP Analysis Sunday, April 27, 201411:30 am - 12:30 pm Hyatt Regency Orange CountyRoyal C/D (first floor, South Tower) Click here to register!…
If you're attending the PIUG 2014 Annual Conference in Garden Grove, CA this April 26-May 1, please be sure to attend a free STN Patent Forum hosted by CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe. Thursday, May 1, 20149:00 am - 3:00 pmHyatt Regency Orange County, Grand EGarden Grove, CA Topics will include: What's New? Chemical Engineering and Materials Science on STN New STN Case Studies Search Strategies at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology: Immunoconjugates Lunch will be provided. For details and to register,…
Hi everyone, If you are attending the 2014 PIUG Annual Conference, we invite you to attend this STN workshop on April 27th, at 10:30 am PDT. Maximizing the Derwent Value-Added Features on STN – A Multi-Database Approach Thomson Reuters produces many different value-added databases that are available on the STN platform. This workshop will show you how to maneuver between the various databases to get the most out of each database. The presentation will utilize the DGENE,…
  Coming to the PIUG Annual conference? Make sure you register now for the Minesoft Workshop! Enjoy a buffet lunch while you learn all about the recent enhancements to PatBase, the global, full-text patent family database. Join us at 12:00 on Sunday, April 27th to discover more about the very latest data additions and new functionality in PatBase, including sophisticated Legal Status tools and PatBase Analytics.…
Questel Workshop @ PIUG 2014
Register to the Questel free workshop, to be held from 9 to 11 AM on Sunday, April 27th , Room Royal CD, Hyatt Regency Orange County.    From Disclosure to Monetization: Leading you along the IP Lifecycle Mitigating risks and protecting your patent portfolio might constitute most of the due diligence your company does. Is it enough to claim that your organization has an IP strategy?  What about speeding up R&D, assisting product development and maximizing profit?…


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  1. Aug 04, 2008

    Hi, Tom.

    Thanks for initiating this PIUG wiki. It looks like a very good start!

    I am testing the functionality of adding a comment here to see where it will show up. It seems that if comments sent by individuals are displayed on the same pages as these links to the knowledge databases, they may "clutter" the resources. I would prefer that the comments are sent and stored separately from the "official" pages of the wiki where the actual "knowledge gold nuggets" are stored.



  2. Sep 01, 2008


    The issue is that we generally don't have "official" pages in the wiki that we would restrict either for writing or addition comments. Perhaps the front pages of each wikispace and a few others would be managed only by the administrators. However, to do that to very many pages would run counter to the community nature of the wiki which encourages everyone to contribute. In general, PIUG Wiki registrants would have the choice of directly editing the content of the page via the Edit function at the top or adding a comment as you did. Of course, administrators can delete or edit contributions; Wikipedia managers/moderators/administrators do that all the time. I think you should consider the main PIUG website as our official pages and the wiki as our community collaboration medium.


  3. Jan 28, 2014

    Wolff, T.E. (2010) The Patent Information Users Group – Collaborating via the PIUG wiki and discussion forums. World Patent Information. [Online] 32 (2), 141–144.