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Added by Admin - Tom Wolff , last edited by Admin - Tom Wolff on Dec 12, 2014 10:51


Welcome to the PIUG space in the PIUG wiki, where patent information users meet.

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Recent PIUG-DF Posts

on 11 Aug, Gilman Grundy wrote:
It's good to see that the organisers have not been put off by the criticism of their proposals
on 11 May, Admin - A.J. D'Ambra wrote:
Dear fellow members: PIUG 2015 Annual Conference Plenary and Business Meeting presentations
on 06 Feb, Elliott Linder wrote:
Hi Jeannette, I've asked MaryAnn Dean to post a news item if she has time. Elliott
on 05 Oct, Trudi Jones wrote:
Dear Information Colleague:Is there someone who you would like to see recognized for their
on 05 Oct, John Willmore wrote:
At the start of last month I ran your search “B29C-047 and (US/pn AND pd>20150801)”.  That
on 29 Sep, Elliott Linder wrote:
Dear Colleagues, The Confederacy of European Patent Information User Groups (CEPIUG) has
on 23 Sep, Anthony Trippe wrote:
Hey Dominic, It was nice of Dennis to mention the guidelines. I reached out to him for assistance

Recent PIUG Blog Posts

STN e-Seminar in October
Hi everyone, STN is running the following e-Seminars in October - Title: Getting the most out of the DWPI record on new STN Abstract: In this Thomson Reuters and STN session we will take a detailed look at the structure of the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) Abstract on new STN, as well as the DWPI Manual Codes. We will then explore how including Manual Codes in your search, restricting your keywords to specific abstract sub-fields,…
In world fastest growing IP industry, to make effective patent searching, every patent searcher must know the crucial language based challenges and due to complex, rich and inconsistent nature with a huge vocabulary and numerous synonyms make English language more problematic. Some major challenges of English language need to consider when performing searching are   Terminology: Inconsistency in terminology as either dictionary synonyms was used,…
Citations represent added value from the patent office which we can use to help formulate better patent searches. Importantly, citations provide a language-independent search tool. This is of increasing importance in our global economy where applications are published around the world in many different languages.…
In recent time, to make effective search strategies for searching patent literature, every searcher must know about few  basic challenges of patent searching.   Time :- This is a very critical parameter irrelevant of any type of patent search (whether you are searching for Patentability / Novelty, Freedom-to-Operate, Invalidation, etc),…
One of the key features of BizInt Smart Charts for Patents version 4.0 is support for the new STN platform.  There are two opportunities coming up to learn more about how to use BizInt Smart Charts with search results from new STN. At the STN Patent Forum in New Brunswick, NJ on Monday 12 October 2015, John Willmore will present a session from 3 - 4pm.…
If you're attending the PIUG 2015 Northeast Conference in New Brunswick, NJ this October 12-14, please be sure to attend a free STN Patent Forum hosted by CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe. Monday, October 12, 20159:00 am - 4:00 pmThe Heldrich Hotel and Conference CenterAmphitheatre Topics will include: What's New on STN?…
  Dear Information Specialist There are only three weeks to go until the start of the ICIC - The International Conference for the Information Community. The meeting is filling fast, so if you intend to come, please get your booking in as soon as possible: When you attend the ICIC you will meet colleagues from following companies and organizations: Please find attached the final programme. If you have already booked,…
The Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition of Oculus about 18 months ago is an example of how hot the Virtual Reality field is.   To understand the VR market better, I decided to run a quick patent search related to Virtual Reality Headset on the USPTO site with Petapator There are 35 patents under TTL/”Virtual Reality” and Headset.  With no surprise, Oculus VR Inc. is one of the Assignees (US D701,206).     While I was browsing through the list of patents,…


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  1. Aug 04, 2008

    Hi, Tom.

    Thanks for initiating this PIUG wiki. It looks like a very good start!

    I am testing the functionality of adding a comment here to see where it will show up. It seems that if comments sent by individuals are displayed on the same pages as these links to the knowledge databases, they may "clutter" the resources. I would prefer that the comments are sent and stored separately from the "official" pages of the wiki where the actual "knowledge gold nuggets" are stored.



  2. Sep 01, 2008


    The issue is that we generally don't have "official" pages in the wiki that we would restrict either for writing or addition comments. Perhaps the front pages of each wikispace and a few others would be managed only by the administrators. However, to do that to very many pages would run counter to the community nature of the wiki which encourages everyone to contribute. In general, PIUG Wiki registrants would have the choice of directly editing the content of the page via the Edit function at the top or adding a comment as you did. Of course, administrators can delete or edit contributions; Wikipedia managers/moderators/administrators do that all the time. I think you should consider the main PIUG website as our official pages and the wiki as our community collaboration medium.


  3. Jun 05, 2014

    Wolff, T.E. (2010) The Patent Information Users Group – Collaborating via the PIUG wiki and discussion forums. World Patent Information. [Online] 32 (2), 141–144.

  4. Jun 05, 2014

    Wolff, T.E. (2009). The PIUG Wiki: Communication and Collaboration Par Excellence. Searcher. The Magazine for Database Professionals, 17, no. 8, pp. 12-19, 51-53.