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Added by Admin - Tom Wolff , last edited by Admin - Tom Wolff on Oct 14, 2013 13:53


Welcome to the PIUG space in the PIUG wiki, where patent information users meet.

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Recent PIUG-DF Posts

on 05 Sep, Ruben Diaz wrote:
Call for Papers PIUG 2015 Biotechnology Conference at Genentech, South San Francisco, CA. The
on 31 Jul, Kimberly Miller wrote:
Early Bird Registration is now open for the 2014 PIUG Northeast Conference!! PIUG 2014 Northeast
on 29 Sep, Piotr Masiakowski wrote:
Hi Ron, I see the problem you describe when I use recent versions of Chrome or Firefox browsers.
on 22 Sep, Ron Kaminecki wrote:
We are pleased to announce the call for papers for the 2015 PIUG Annual Conference to be held
on 15 Sep, Dominic DeMarco wrote:
Ron and Frank,Downside of a Google image search is that there are virtually no dates associated
on 15 Sep, Kimberly Miller wrote:
September 19, 2014 is the last day for the Standard Rate for PIUG NE Conference. Register
on 10 Sep, Admin - A.J. D'Ambra wrote:
Hi Kris – Thanks for posting this. You beat me to it! Did you get a message about the Purple

Recent PIUG Blog Posts

MaxVal Group, Inc., a leader in patent lifecycle management has acquired Intellectual Assets Inc. (IAI), a Silicon Valley based IP Advisory services firm.  IAI’s clients range in size from start-ups to Fortune 25 companies that include non-profits, investment organizations, government agencies, national patent offices, law firms, and management consulting service firms.…
Connect to Gridlogics at the PIUG Northeast Conference, Visit our booth no. 4 at Exhibitor Room. At PatSeer we plan to apply the same “continuous innovation” process that we have been following in Patent iNSIGHT Pro and so we would like you to be the first to know about all our latest updates made to the platform. Discover new features of PatSeer such as Compare record with family or citations, Filter Enhancements,…
Can you rotate the screen on your phone without infringing a patent? Thanks to the efforts of Rackspace, you (probably) can. Rackspace were sued by a Rotatable Technologoies patent owner, but chose to invalidate the patent rather than the pay a settlement offer. Just recently the USPTO handed down the judgement in an Inter Partes Review invalidating the patent, based on the patent lacking novelty (102) and inventive step (103) over the prior art,…
Dear Colleague, ICIC 2014 in Heidelberg is coming soon … 12 – 15 October 2014. The final programme has been published at More info about the 26th ICIC International Conference for the Information Community -> I am looking forward to seeing you in Heidelberg. Kind regards Christoph Haxel
What's New: Analytics, PatBase Express & CiteTracker Join us for this Workshop to learn about the latest enhancements to Minesoft solutions including PatBase, PatBase Express and the recently launched CiteTracker service. Preview the brand new PatBase Analytics module scheduled to be launched this fall….. Customizable, transparent and fast, the integrated software offers a whole new level of sophisticated patent data analysis. We will also show you the redesigned,…
New and enhanced features now available on Orbit Join our morning session, October 1st at  9:00 AM in the Segal room and learn about the latest Questel enhancements now available in the Orbit 1.9 release. With our continuing focus on all aspects of the Intellectual Property Lifecycle, we look forward to showing you how we can help you enhance your patent search and analysis skills.For our prior art searching module,…
If you're attending the PIUG 2014 Northeast Conference in New Brunswick, NJ this September 29 - October 1, please be sure to attend a free STN Patent Forum hosted by CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe. Monday, September 29, 20149:00 am - 3:00 pmThe Heldrich Hotel and Conference CenterNew Brunswick, NJ Topics will include: What's New? Asian Patent Publications on STN - A Case Study New STN Case Studies Search Strategies at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology: Immunoconjugates Lunch will be provided.…
India has spent less to reach Mars than Hollywood producers spent on the movie “Gravity,” which cost $100 million to make. India spends about $1.2 billion a year on its space program when compared to NASA that has a budget of $17.5 billion for the year ending Sept 30. But how does Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) compares with its peers NASA (USA), JAXA (Japan) and DLR (Germany) in terms of innovation and patents. Find out from this interesting report here: http://signicent.…
In Dec. 2013, EMBL-EBI  took over the running of the SureChem system from Digital Science. Now EMBL-EBI have released new search interface for this system. See below a post from EBI SME Forum mailing list. (ab)   [EBI SME Forum] SureChEMBL is now released Wed, Sep 24, 2014 On behalf of the EMBL-EBI ChEMBL group, we are very pleased to announce the release of the SureChEMBL interface (…
STN e-Seminars in October
Hi everyone, STN is running the following e-Seminars in October –   Structure Searching in MARPAT on STN Learn how to effectively control Markush structure retrieval using the various features and value-added content of the MARPAT database on STN. Date: October 7, 201409:00 am, Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4, New York)02:00 pm, British Summer Time (GMT +1, London)03:00 pm, Central European Summer Time (GMT +2, Berlin)   Precision Searching in MARPAT Due to the generic nature of Markush searching,…
The Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) and STN International, the leading platform for searching research and patent information, have signed a Global Value Pricing agreement providing PRV examiners unlimited access to the high-quality patent, non-patent and substance content unique to STN. Key databases available through STN include authoritative chemistry content from CAS,…


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  1. Aug 04, 2008

    Hi, Tom.

    Thanks for initiating this PIUG wiki. It looks like a very good start!

    I am testing the functionality of adding a comment here to see where it will show up. It seems that if comments sent by individuals are displayed on the same pages as these links to the knowledge databases, they may "clutter" the resources. I would prefer that the comments are sent and stored separately from the "official" pages of the wiki where the actual "knowledge gold nuggets" are stored.



  2. Sep 01, 2008


    The issue is that we generally don't have "official" pages in the wiki that we would restrict either for writing or addition comments. Perhaps the front pages of each wikispace and a few others would be managed only by the administrators. However, to do that to very many pages would run counter to the community nature of the wiki which encourages everyone to contribute. In general, PIUG Wiki registrants would have the choice of directly editing the content of the page via the Edit function at the top or adding a comment as you did. Of course, administrators can delete or edit contributions; Wikipedia managers/moderators/administrators do that all the time. I think you should consider the main PIUG website as our official pages and the wiki as our community collaboration medium.


  3. Jun 05, 2014

    Wolff, T.E. (2010) The Patent Information Users Group – Collaborating via the PIUG wiki and discussion forums. World Patent Information. [Online] 32 (2), 141–144.

  4. Jun 05, 2014

    Wolff, T.E. (2009). The PIUG Wiki: Communication and Collaboration Par Excellence. Searcher. The Magazine for Database Professionals, 17, no. 8, pp. 12-19, 51-53.