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Anonymous Access

Everyone may view pages in the PIUG Space without logging in.

You must login in order to add or edit content such as creating new topics or replying to existing topics in the Discussion Forum or to view limited-access pages such as PIUG members-only content or committee spaces.

New users must signup for the wiki before they can login.

Signup Fundamentals

PIUG individually grants requests for access to the PIUG wiki to all individuals with sincere interest in patent information. PIUG membership is not required for participation the PIUG wiki. PIUG membership helps support the PIUG wiki and confers additional benefits including access to members-only information (e.g., presentations at PIUG conferences, Newsletter archives, subscription discounts, etc.), and the options to create a Personal Space on the PIUG wiki or be included in the PIUG LinkedIn group.

The annual membership fee is US$75 (2013). A discounted annual membership fee of US$35 is available to full-time students, full-time retirees, individuals unemployed at the time of renewal, and individuals from emerging countries (as defined by the World Bank). See the PIUG membership page for details.

Signup Now

Signup for the PIUG wiki involves a simple process of sending an email message to the PIUG Wikimaster at with the following information:

Full name:

Email address:

Company affiliation:

Brief explanation of interest in patent information if not clear from your company affiliation:

Current PIUG member (y/n):

Users should expect a response by email from the PIUG Office within 3 business days. Each user will be assigned a unique username that usually consists of the user's first initial and last name. In addition, the user will be assigned a temporary password. Note that a valid password must contain at least 8 characters including one number and letter. Use of mixed case and other characters (@, _, -, +, £, $, etc.) is recommended but not required.

After logging in and changing your temporary password, you will be able to create, edit, and comment on pages and forum topics throughout the PIUG space, the main area of PIUG collaboration.

Forgotten username or password

Use the Forgot your password link on the login page to reset your password.

Users must use their username and not their email address to login. Contact the PIUG Wikimaster at to confirm the username or to have your password reset if the automated process does not work.

PIUG User responsibility

By signing up for the PIUG wiki, you agree to follow standard professional practices when you participate on the PIUG wiki as you would in any other aspect of your practice as a member of the global patent community. This includes taking actions consistent with the Guidelines for Commercial Participation, the PIUG Antitrust Policy, the Internet Disclaimer & Copyright Notice, and the Use of PIUG Name and Logo Policy.

Do not use the PIUG wiki to post insulting, profane, pejorative, derogatory, defamatory, abusive or unprofessional content. Violation will result in removal of the offensive content and your username being disabled.

Next steps

  • Update your PIUG wiki email notifications setting: Settings...Manage my Email Notifications...Notify me on my own Postings: check the box to receive email notifications of content you add or edit. (The Daily Update box should already be checked.)
  • Update your PIUG wiki Personal profile and picture: Settings...Manage my Personal Information...Edit My Profile and ...Edit my Picture: add professional background information and photos similar to those on LinkedIn pages. The wiki will try to resize your picture to 48 x 48 pixels but sometimes it doesn't do a good job. In that case, you should try uploading a 48 x 48 pixel image directly for best results. PIUG members are encouraged to add a full-featured Personal Space as explained in the corresponding Quick Reference Guide.
  • Post on the PIUG blog to share press release-type information and simple announcements (formerly "news items).