Basic training tutorials are available via the PIUG Webinars webpage.


Joining the PIUG Discussion Forum (4.5 minutes, 7 MB) -- Don't forget that you have to login before you can manage your administrative options and page watches. In addition, you will not see Page Family Watch if you are already watching the whole space.


Part 1. Getting Started with Navigation and Functionality in the PIUG Wiki (15 minutes, 34 MB)

Part 2. Joining Wiki Forums and Notifications (18 minutes, 43 MB)

Part 3. Adding and Editing Wiki Content (26 minutes, 94 MB)

Part 1. Getting Started


  • Dashboard
  • Left-side Navigation Panel: Navigation; Browse Recently Updated, Space Pages, Attachments Index, People Directory
  • Top Menu Bar
  • Label Cloud
  • Search Box


  • Browse, view, edit, administrative 
  • Left-side Navigation Panel
  • Title Icons (upper right-hand corner): print, output to Adobe PDF and MS Word, page information (tiny url, page history), favorite, watches
  • Username Dropdown in Top Menu Bar
  • Profile: your details, profile picture, password; preferences for home page, time zone, email, and notifications
  • Personal Space (People Directory)

Part 2.

Joining Forums and Email Notification

  • Watches (Space, Page, Page Family)
  • Subscribe to Daily Updates (Profile...Email Preferences)
  • RSS Feeds (View...Other pages...RSS feed builder)

Part 3.

Adding and Editing Content

  • "Everything is a page"
  • Ownership and collaboration; 1st person (forum) vs. 3rd person (resource pages)
  • Adding content (add page, reply, comment)
  • Editing pages (play in Sandbox)
    • Page functions: hierarchy, access restrictions, labels
    • Rich Text and Wiki Markup
    • Attachments (index, upload, download, checkout-check-in)

Help - Using the PIUG Wiki pages

  • Quick Reference Guides (Attaching Documents, Personal Spaces, Watches)
  • Wiki Basics
  • Wiki Usage Tips and Techniques
  • Contact Tom Wolff (piugwikimaster @