Cluster Searching and AmberScope are innovative new ways of searching the patent literature, and finding patents not found by conventional searching - while saving you valuable searching time.

But because it is new and different, you may need to see it in action to fully understand the difference. For this reason, we have produced a series of short videos to show Cluster Searching and Amberscope in action, with reference to some case studies. 

These case studies are:

  • What is Cluster Searching?
  • How do a do a Patentability search using Cluster Searching (case study on a flying car)
  • How to quickly expand a patent examination search (case study on a patent filed by Ford for a folding bicycle)
  • An invalidation search for America's most litigated patens - finding 'unknown' prior art
  • How to find new prior art for a recently granted EP patent (case study for a motorised head for vacuum cleaner)
  • Introduction to AmberScope

And can be found at the page found here



Posted by Mike Lloyd, Ambercite,

There was a disturbance in the wiki last week. Not only did the plague of "Anonymous" postings continue, but the distribution of daily "Confluence changes in the last 24 hours" alerting email messages stopped due to a Confluence email server error around February 19. I believe we have fixed the daily update message error and this blog post should be listed in the one going out at 6:00 pm CST today.

As for the anonymous edits, Atlassian senior engineers have “located another case which has the same behavior on Confluence. They have compared this and the other case, locating a similarity with some external plugins, such as the Forum plugin… We have noticed that all pages which anonymous are editing are created as Topic inside this Forum plugin. We do believe that the issue might be caused by some external plugin editing the page (archiving maybe) and leaving the last modified blank, since no user edited the page. Confluence assumes that anonymous modified the page.… We do believe there is no hacking happening and the source of the editing is related to an external plugin, although we haven't replicated that yet.” Now we just have to get rid of the annoying email messages in a better way than restricting the PIUG Space to those who login in. 

If you are not watching the PIUG Space, you may have missed this activity in the PIUG Space due to the absence of the daily update messages. Of course, you could also have seen this information already on the Dashboard or on the main PIUG Space page.

PIUG Blog 

PIUG-DF Topics

Old wiki postings re-emerging 
by Stephen Adams Feb 24, 2017

Dear colleagues Is anyone else apart from me seeing old PIUG wiki postings re-emerge on their news feed? I am seeing postings from 2009, 2012 etc coming back up again. The only thing which seems to have changed is that "Anonymous" has edited the page.

Patent dispute, corrected structure 
by Robert E. (Bob) Buntrock Feb 24, 2017

Oncoceutics patented OMC201 (anticancer agent) with the incorrect structure. Scripps determined the correct structure, an isomer, applied for a patent, and licensed it. Composition of matter rights are at stake. Dispute over the legal rights to an ...

Question about future offerings of the 2017 PIUG Patent Searching Fundamentals Course 
by Padmaja Rao Feb 24, 2017

The PIUG Patent searching fundamentals course scheduled for March 22-23, 2017 seems to be a great course for beginners. I am fairly new to this field and am looking to expand my skills. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this course. Can anyone tell me 

Job Postings Topics

Job Posting - 3M Technical Information Analyst - 24 February 2017 

3M is seeking a Technical Information Analyst for the Knowledge Discovery and Analytics group, located in Maplewood, MN. At 3M, you can apply your talent in bold ways that matter. Here, you go."
Carol Bachmann yesterday at 12:31 AM

Job Posting - Patent Search Analyst - IPSEN BIOSCIENCE, Cambridge, MA 21-Nov-2016 (CLOSED) 

APPLY AT: Patent Search Analyst POSITION SUMMARY The Patent Search Analyst is responsible for conduct...
Donna Fisher Feb 23, 2017 

Patents have gained importance as intangible assets in an increasingly competitive technology landscape. Consequently, patent filings have shown a more remarkable increase in numbers in the past decade than ever before. In many cases the worthiness and market position of a business is valued by the IP portfolio it holds. However, patents are expensive to maintain and a company’s IP assets need to be actively managed.

This infographic features the top patent awardees of 2016 in different segments based on USPTO data. This segmentation can serve as a reference point for performing deeper analysis to support patent prosecution strategies, product marketing strategies, as well as global acquisition and licensing strategies. Visit blog>>

USPTO Recap - 7 Patent Issuance Facts of 2016

MaxVal provides custom range of landscape research and analysis services customized to fit your specific use case. We work with your in-house staff or through external legal counsel. Reach us at for your landscape and competitive analysis requirements.  Visit blog>>

A training course for patent information providers and power data users. This is an early release. Check for updates.

The  annoyance of old PIUG wiki pages being edited by "Anonymous"(see earlier Blog post) continues unabated. I had hoped that Atlassian, the Confluence developer, would have resolved the problem by now. Alas, that is not the case. Atlassian seems to be taking this potential security breach seriously and has now elevated the issue to its senior engineers. I have no idea when the anonymous edits will finally subside.

Let me review the matter with regard to who is affected and what you can do about it.

Each day a few existing wiki pages in the PIUG Space are edited by "Anonymous." This is not supposed to be possible. Anyone can view most PIUG Space content but they are required to login to edit content. How a user could edit pages without logging in and being identified is not understood by Atlassian.

The changes have never been substantial. It is as if a user is viewing at an old page and then inadvertently edits and saves the page without making any changes.

In fact, these changes are essentially invisible to most users. Announcements of them never show up in the daily "Confluence changes in the last 24 hours" alerting messages that almost all PIUG wiki registrants get. They are listed in the "PIUG wiki activity stream" column on the Dashboard for users to see when they use this otherwise useful function. So why the fuss?

Users who are watching the PIUG Space receive an alerting email message every time one of these pages is edited by "Anonymous." See Wiki Tip - Watches and Alerting Email Notifications. As your Wikimaster, I am very pleased that our most connected PIUG users are watching the PIUG Space and being alerted of new  or edited content in real-time. I only wish it were all new or  substantially-edited content and did not include all these anonymous edits. 

If you are annoyed, your best option is to stop watching the PIUG Space until the issue is resolved. I hope you will renew watching the PIUG Space when the annoying email stops. I will let all know when that happens. Please note that no anonymous edits have been made in committee and team spaces, presumably because their content cannot even be viewed without logging in. Members of those groups may continue to watch those spaces without concern for receiving alerting email messages related to anonymous edits.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as Atlassian works on a solution for us.

Best regards,

Tom Wolff, PIUG Wikimaster


Dear Colleague,

Early Bird rates are expiring for the II-SDV 2017 The International Information Conference on Search, Data Mining and Visualization, which is returning to nice Nice  on April 24 & 25, bringing together over 100 of the most successful data & analytics professionals.

The meeting provides an international forum for those in the field of advanced search applications, data and text mining, and visualization technology. The primary focus is on tools for intelligence and the meeting examines the requirements of specialists in scientific and technical information.
Highlights of the agenda include presentations from:

Custom Open Source Search Engine with Drupal 8 and Solr at French Ministry of Environment

Patrick Beaucamp (Bpm-Conseil, France )

Spotting the Stars in your Galaxy of Patent Data

Robert Poolman (minesoft, UK)

The Next Era: Deep Learning for Biomedical Research

Srinivasan Parthiban (Parthys Reverse Informatics, India)

Towards Semantic Search at the European Patent Office

Alexander Klenner-Bajaja (EPO, Netherlands)

The Springer Nature SciGraph – Building a Linked Data Knowledge Graph for the scholarly publishing domain

Markus Kaindl (SpringerNature, Germany)

Will Virtual Reality (VR) be changing the way we deal with information?

Willem-Geert Lagemaat (Lighthouse IP Group, The Netherlands)

What is Innovation and how can we measure it?

Robert Stembridge (Clarivate Analytics. Formerly the IP & Science business of Thomson Reuters, UK)

Become indispensable by exploring untouched areas, emerging themes and new trends to stay ahead of others in your field. Check out the schedule:

Early Bird rates save 100 € and expire 15 March. You can register for yours online today by following this link:

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me ( or
(+49 1754110101)

I am looking forward to seeing you in nice Nice

Kind regards


February 19, 2017 is the last day for the Standard Rate for PIUG Biotechnology Conference. Please register NOW before a significant rate increase! Register for workshops and networking dinner!

Gaining Competitive Advantage in Biotech Patent Research
Through Constructive Analysis and Client Engagement
Monday February 27 and Tuesday February 28, 2017

Embassy Suites - Boston Logan Airport
207 Porter Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02128

Monday February 27Workshops (Abstract newly added for EPO workshop)
Tuesday February 28: Plenary Session and Exhibition


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

PIUG 2017 Biotechnology Conference Planning Committee

Registration for the PIUG 2017 Annual Conference in Atlanta has opened.  The preliminary program is up and I hope this will be a very practical meeting.  All the details aren't ready to go up on the website yet, because we have some other things percolating.  There will most likely be a paid workshop Saturday morning.  Sunday promises to be the usual vendor workshops.  Sunday late afternoon will be the open business meeting.  This year we will have a teleconference for the business meeting so even if you can't join us in Atlanta you can still call in and hear the discussion and ask questions.  I hope people will take advantage of that.  Thursday will be the STN Patent Forum as usual.  It also looks like the USPTO will be doing a workshop.  More details will be posted as they become available, but I wanted to let everyone know so they could make their travel plans accordingly.

I know I am looking forward to it.

Martha Yates

Dear Colleagues,


The Fourth IPC Workshop will take place on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 in WIPO Main Building at 34, Chemin des Colombettes, 1211 Geneva 20.


Please find attach the Final Program of the Workshop, which is also available on the WIPO website at:, for your preparation please.


The Workshop will start at 10 a.m. (registration as from 8:30 a.m.) and end at 6 p.m.


Please also note that buses to and from Geneva city center (and the railway station) stop at avenue Giuseppe Motta outside the ITU tower (bus line 8, bus stop “UIT”) and Place des Nations (bus lines 5, F, V, Z and tram line 15, bus stop “Nations”). For more information, see


We are looking forward to seeing you soon in Geneva.


Kindest regards,


Ning Xu

Head, International Patent Classification Section

International Classifications and Standards Division

Global Infrastructure Sector

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Tel. +41(0) 22 338 8783; Fax +41(0) 22 338 7210




World Intellectual Property Organization Disclaimer: This electronic message may contain privileged, confidential and copyright protected information. If you have received this e-mail by mistake, please immediately notify the sender and delete this e-mail and all its attachments. Please ensure all e-mail attachments are scanned for viruses prior to opening or using.

When a Notice of Allowance (NOA) is received by the Applicant, it means that a patent application will no longer be reviewed by the examiner and it is entitled to the patent under the law. In other words, an application is about to be issued after the prosecution phase.

However, the NOA may have errors or data missing, failing to correct them at this critical stage may impact the quality and the enforceability of the patent. Depending on the severity of the issue, an RCE may need to be filed to make necessary corrections or even defer or withdraw patent from being issued by filing a petition. Once the patent is issued the chances of correcting these errors get drastically reduced.

Once the NOA has been issued by the patent office, an applicant will have three months to pay the issue fee during which the application should be reviewed thoroughly to ensure correct.

Collating a series of checkpoints at the NOA stage with reference to various critical fields in the Image File Wrapper (IFW) before paying the issue fee, is very important.

 Here are a few critical sections that should be examined as a part of a post-allowance review...


Battery IP Workshop

The first annual Battery Intellectual Property Workshop, will be held on March 14, 2017 at the Wigwam Resort in Phoenix, AZ.

This Workshop is being held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Batteries (NAATBatt).

The program will include speakers from the USPTO, the European Patent Office, and representatives from BASF, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy, Snell and Wilmer, Hydro-Quebec, ARPA-E, Enevate, LOTNet, Unified Patents, Bloomberg and others.

The program, directed at attorneys, licensing officers, and IP managers working with advanced battery and energy materials, will focus on the following topics:

  1. Establishing an IP culture across national boundaries.
  2. Patent prosecution in energy storage: strategies at the cross-roads of chemistry, materials, electronics, & software.
  3. Battery IP Licensing, government funding and working with Tech Transfer
  4. Patent pools and aggregators: models for avoiding litigation and monetizing innovation.
  5. Battery Patent Litigation
  6. Big data in Battery IP: making informed, data-driven decisions for Battery R&D and IP strategies.  

CLE Credits may be available. For information please contact Bobbi Case of Snell & Wilmer at (602) 382-6169

To learn more and register for the 1-day battery IP workshop, click here.

Workshop registrants are welcome to join and network with attendees at the Opening Reception and Dinner of NAATBatt 2017 meeting immediately following the Battery IP Workshop on March 14th at 6 PM.

For more information and to register for the NAATBatt annual meeting, click here.


We are pleased to provide you with the very latest programme news for the 14th annual International Patent Information Conference & Exposition, IPI-ConfEx.

The 2017 IPI-ConfEx continues its tradition of highlighting best practices in patent information management and searching techniques. Don’t miss this year’s cutting-edge topics and expert speakers, 5 to 8 March 2017 in Rome, Italy.

Hear presentations from your patent information peers and learn practical information that you can take back and apply in your workplace. There are round table sessions with interactive discussions, and the industry’s number one networking forum. This affords an excellent opportunity for delegates to discuss the challenges they are currently facing with world experts in the area of patent information from industry and vendors.

Topics covered on this year's programme include:

  • The Other Side of the Tapestry – The Role of Translation in Patent Information
  • Brexit : A Searcher’s View of the Known Unknowns…
  • Industry 4.0 and its Impact on the Patent System
  • Ideas for Reducing Patent Infringement Risk Using Historical and Predictive Patent Mapping
  • Certification – Is it Still Going to Happen?
  • Free Patent Search Tool – The Lens
  • Essential Teachings regarding Patent Searching – Reflections on Patentability, Invalidity and Freedom-to-Operate Searching
  • Citation Information and its Use in Patent Information – Including Case Studies and Applications for Patent Valuation
  • WIPO Standards – Common Framework for Working with IP Information
  • The Unitary Patent: Recent Progress Towards New IP Structures in Europe
  • And much more!

Conference Programme News: To view the very latest programme information please see Please continue to monitor the IPI-ConfEx website as we update and add more topics and presentations of key interest to patent information professionals and managers.

Easy, online registration is available now – see for more details and to register.

Group rates are also available for three or more delegates from the same site location. Please contact for more details.

For general conference information, please visit

We look forward to seeing you in Rome!

Natasha Fowler
IPI Organisation
Tel +1 (858) 592-9027 | Fax +1 (858) 592-7693 |


The Association of Independent Information Professionals invites you to attend the AIIP 2017 Annual Conference, to be held May 18-21 in New Orleans

This year’s theme is Resilience, Reinvention, Renewal: Pivoting for Success

Build Your Business Resiliency at #AIIP17:

  • Get practical advice and tips on how to pivot, re-invent or renew your business;
  • Gain the confidence to launch a new business or new offering;
  • Learn and be inspired from the experience of others running their own independent info-centric businesses;
  • Get actionable and business-focused information from an independent perspective on working with clients, the latest in marketing, and more;
  • Leave New Orleans RENEWED and with information you can use as soon as you get back home!

PIUG members can register at the member rate and take advantage of early bird pricing through March 31, 2017.

You may have noticed many wiki pages recently that have been edited by an Anonymous User. It started a couple of weeks ago. There have been more than two dozen such occurrences in the past two days. Each page seems to have had no actual page content changed. All were in the principal PIUG space. That space may be viewed by anybody but it requires login for editing. All pages in any team or committee spaces require login for viewing and none have been edited by “Anonymous,” Most of the PIUG space pages were old wiki pages, some dating back to the early days of the PIUG wiki.

Your wiki administrators regret the inconvenience of the resulting alerting email messages and inclusion in the daily update messages. We are trying to stop this from happening. We are asking for our help and your patience.

First, this is not supposed to be possible. We allow all on the internet to view most content in the PIUG space and restrict edit access to logged-in users. There is no user called “Anonymous” and no user should be identified without an actual user name. It would be like blocking your telephone number from the one you are calling, but there is not supposed to be any way to do that with your username in Confluence. We have put in a ticket with Atlassian, the developer of Confluence, and Contegix, our Confluence host. They have asked for activity logs and other supporting information and are working for an answer for how this is happening and a solution to stop it.

Second, we are asking for your help. It is possible that one of our users is doing this inadvertently. That would be ok with us as long as we could get that user’s cooperation. If you think you may have viewed the affected pages, please sent a message to your PIUG Wikimaster at wikimaster at piug dot org. We will keep your identification confidential, but we really need to know who you are to help us fix the opening that you may have inadvertently used. The edited pages are listed below in order to spur your memory.

Finally, please be patient with us. We don’t really don’t know what is causing this issue. We will resolve this annoying situation as soon as we can. That might involve restricting access to the PIUG Space to PIUG Registrants only or shutting down the alerting email system. I am looking to Contegix for advice.

Your loyal Wikimaster

These were all “edited” by “Anonymous” recently, although it appears that I can't keep up with them. You can also see them listed on the Dashboard in the PIUG wiki activity stream listed under Anonymous:

(CLOSED) Job Posting - Intellectual Asset Analyst - Corning, NY - July 28, 2015 (PIUG Space)

(Closed) Job Posting - Chemical Patent Searcher - Abbott Laboratories - November 22, 2015 (PIUG Space)

Reading Neil Gorsuch - Selected Cases and Writings (PIUG Space)

Non-compete and Trade Secret Agreement Awareness (PIUG Space)

Job Posting - Patent Analyst (Patent Searcher) - CPA Global - Feb 7 2017 (PIUG Space)

Patent Analysis, Mapping, and Visualization Tools (PIUG Space)

PIUG 2013 Annual Conference Call for Papers (PIUG Space)

Wiki Tip - Saving your Work on Wiki Pages (PIUG Space)

Wiki Tip - Saving your Work on Wiki Pages (PIUG Space)

World Patent Information journal (PIUG Space)

The 2nd Beijing IP Forum (PIUG Space)

Help - Personal Spaces (PIUG Space)

Bibliography - Top Ten Publications by Edlyn Simmons (PIUG Space)

Bibliography - Top Ten Publications by Stephen Adams (PIUG Space)

Bibliography - Other (PIUG Space)

Bibliography - Articles (PIUG Space)

Patent Information Bibliography (PIUG Space)

PIUG 2013 Annual Conference Presentations are online in the Members-only Section (PIUG Space)

2016 Stu Kaback Business Impact Award (PIUG Space)

Wiki Tip - Posting on the PIUG Blog (PIUG Space)

World Patent Information - Volume 32, Issue 2 (PIUG Space)

USPTO-EPO CPC Annual Meeting Immediately Prior to PIUG 2015 Annual Conference (PIUG Space)

Wiki Tip - Watches and Alerting Email Notifications (PIUG Space)

PIUG 2017 Biotechnology Conference Open Space Discussion Topics (PIUG Space)

Full-Day Workshop on Patent Translation - August 30, 2009 in Ottawa, Ontario (PIUG Space) yesterday at 01:42 PM

CLOSED -- Job Posting - Information Scientist Eastman Chemical Co. (Feb. 4, 2013) (PIUG Space) yesterday at 05:24 AM

Wiki Tip - Bringing Posts or Comments to the Attention of Colleagues (PIUG Space) Feb 07, 2017

Help - Initial Signup and Next Steps (PIUG Space) Feb 07, 2017

Bibliography - Books (PIUG Space) Feb 07, 2017

Austrian Legal Status question (PIUG Space) Feb 01, 2017

China Native Patent Databases (PIUG Space) Feb 01, 2017

Brazilian legal status (PIUG Space) Feb 01, 2017

World Patent Information Hottest Articles - April - June 2013 (PIUG Space) Feb 01, 2017

Patent Databases (PIUG Space) Jan 23, 2017


CHAL is pleased to offer a five-part webinar series focused on patent-related topics of interest to every chemist.
The first webinar, "Patents 101: The Nuts and Bolts of Obtaining a Patent," will take place on  Tuesday, February 14 from 2-3 pm (EST).  In this webinar join Maureen Queler and Krista Bianco of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP as they discuss exactly what chemists need to know when one desires to obtain a patent.

The process for obtaining a patent is an important collaborative process between inventors and their patent attorneys involving many strategic decisions.  In this webinar, the presenters will address questions such as:

· What are the timing considerations for filing a patent application
· What types of information should I include in my patent application
· What will happen after I file a patent application in the United States Patent and Trademark Office  
Register: There is no charge to attend this webinar. Please register at:  Webinar access and dial-in information will be sent upon registration.
Please also mark your calendars for the following upcoming webinar dates at 2-3 pm EST:
3/14 - Webinar #2:  Lifecycle Management and Research Opportunities for Patentable Inventions
4/11 -Webinar #3:  Collaborative Research Considerations
5/9 - Webinar #4:  Considerations for License Agreements
6/13 - Webinar #5:  Joint Inventorship of Patents
                American Chemical Society | 1155 Sixteenth Street, NW | Washington, DC 20036                
Copyright © 2016                  American Chemical Society All rights reserved.

Reposted with the permission of CHAL (ACS)