PIUG was recently notified of a program offered by Verizon to help nonprofit organizations raise additional revenue. I have enrolled PIUG as a participant in the program. PIUG will receive a donation from Verizon when anyone orders a new qualifying residential Verizon product. The program currently is only offered in 5 regions within the United States. Each region has specific phone numbers to call. When you are asked the question “Are you responding to a Verizon advertisement?”, please answer “Yes”. The last step is to provide the appropriate code to the Verizon representative. There will be a link placed on the homepage shortly. By following the link (below) for each current region participating in the program, you will find a flyer for that region providing the necessary numbers and codes. The person placing the order does not have to be a PIUG member, so please pass on the information on the flyer to friends and family within that region to assist us in obtaining these donations.

The regions are as follows (with links to corresponding pdf documents): Region 1 – NJ, PA and DE; Region 2 – NY, MA and RI; Region 3 – FL; Region 4 – MD, DC and VA; and Region 5 – CA and TX. Watch this space for other regions that are added to the program. Please help support PIUG.

Thank you!

Ken Koubek, PIUG Treasurer

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