Markush Forum
September 16th, 9.00 – 12:30.

ChemAxon is pleased to announce the initial US meeting of the Markush Forum on Thursday morning 16th of September.

The Markush Forum provides an opportunity for interested organizations to participate in the further development of ChemAxon’s tools for Markush structure enumeration and search.

ChemAxon has recently added support for importing the Markush DARC format (VMN), which is used in Thomson Reuters’ Derwent World Patent Index database (DWPI – part of the MMS). Currently we are working on business models with Thomson Reuters to provide customers the right tools and data to perform patent Markush related tasks.

Key areas to be covered at the Forum include:

•Use of Markush tools by non-specialist scientists
•Availability of DWPI from Thomson Reuters for in-house use
•Competitive intelligence and white space analysis of selected patents
•Refining / visualization of results of online chemical patent searches
•Creation and analysis of Markush structures for use in combinatorial chemistry or patent filings

Who should attend?

Information Managers, Patent information Specialists, Research Managers concerned with investigation of patent space, Patent Attorneys, Business Intelligence Analysts.


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Markush Search implementation – select Table=”markush”
Source: ChemAxon web-page