To meet the growing need of companies and legal professionals for patent information, Scipat has developed a rapid, on-demand human patent translation service. Christa Deinum, CEO of Scipat: “We can help patent attorneys and other patent professionals save time and increase their businesses by offering the highest possible quality translations of intellectual property (IP) information in the fastest possible turnaround time with the click of a button. This combination of rapidness and quality or accuracy is unique.”

High-Quality IP Translations with the Fastest Turnaround Available
Using their extensive human intellectual property translation experience and distinctive processing techniques, powerful dictionaries and technical thesauri in the scientific disciplines, Scipat turns translations requests around within 48 hours or two working days. Even larger patent document translations  up to 100 pages. The Human IP Translation specialist teams work in-house and cover all subjects focusing on particular International Patent Classifications (IPC). Over the years, they have translated millions of patent documents. The 3-tier QA process ensures all translations to be spot-on.

Uploads by Patent Document or Patent Number
Scipat CEO Christa Deinum: “In China alone over 30,000 new patent applications are published weekly. And other Asian and Middle Eastern markets are growing rapidly too. The need for easy access to this data has become essential. Therefore, we have made it easy for patent professionals to have this data translated. They can simply upload their patent document(s) directly to the server or submit the patent number(s) for which they would like the document(s) retrieved and then translated.”

Flat Fee Scientific and Patent Translations
Scipat’s pricing policy is straightforward with single fixed fees. Translation of front page and up to 10 claims is € 159 or $ 199,-. Translation of complete patent documents and additional claims pages is € 40,- or $ 50,- per page, with a minimum charge of € 159,-/$ 199,-. For Japanese translations we charge for front page and up to 10 claims € 240 or $ 299,-. Translation of complete patent documents and additional claims pages is € 60,- or $ 75,- per page, with a minimum charge of € 240,-/$ 299,- Payment can be done online.

Available Languages for Human Patent Translation
Being experts in Far East and Middle East patent translations, Scipat’s on demand human translation services are available for the following language pairs:

Translations into English from:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

Translations from English into:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Thai

Additional IP Services
Christa Deinum, Scipat’s CEO: “We are proud that we are now able to offer our fast, online human IP translation service. However, we will keep improving our services to further meet the needs of our global clients. We will shortly introduce additional IP services on the Scipat platform. Expect interesting services such as legal status information, copies of patents, freedom to operate and IP monitoring/alerting.”

Scipat Human Patent Translations at a Glance:

Flat Fee
A single fixed fee per document for front page and up to 10 claims as well as a fixed fee per page for translating the complete document.

Immediate Auto Price Quotes and Ordering Online
Simple price planning and ordering.

48-Hour Turnaround
Typical turnaround time of 48 hours from ordering is one of the fastest professional translations anywhere.

In-House Translators
Most of our linguists and all QA managers are in-house employees working from our offices in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Belarus, Egypt, USA, and The Netherlands.

3-Tier Quality Control (TEP)
3-tier Quality Control process (TEP) to ensure pinpoint accuracy on all high-quality patent translations.

Memory System
The Scipat Translation Memory System dramatically improves the translation consistency for repeat and multiple translation orders.