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This overview takes you through all aspects of STN: coverage, basic commands and possible aliases, proximity operators and truncation, tips for scanning and searching multiple databases simultaneously, methods for searching cost-effectively, and approaches for managing your search results. Examples from the areas of pharmacovigilance, semiconductors and detergents are used.  See how you can use the vast content of STN to conduct comprehensive and precise searches.

This session is for searchers new to STN, but with some prior search experience on other platforms.

Date: December 11, 2013

9:00 am, Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5, New York)

2:00 pm, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, London)

3:00 pm, Central European Time (GMT +1, Berlin)


Date: December 11, 2013

11:00 am, Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8, Los Angeles)

1:00 pm, Central Standard Time (GMT -6, Chicago)

2:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5, New York)

7:00 pm, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, London)

8:00 pm, Central European Time (GMT +1, Berlin)


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Jim Brown

FIZ Karlsruhe, Inc


Matheo Patent now offers to patent owners or managers a new way to communication at international scale: patents enriched with added value information become widely accessible worldwide.

Matheo Patent provides an opportunity to add to the classic patent information (abstract, description, claims, ...), a listing of specific information having a focused technology offers.
These sheets describing the technology, market opportunities and contacts will be available to all users of Matheo Patent and can therefore be used as a new way of technology diffusion.

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Clearstone Innovator harnesses the unique characteristics of infringement analysis to revolutionize patent clearance

Palo Alto, CA:  ClearstoneIP LLC announced today the release of its debut product and the first elimination-based patent search and management platform – Clearstone Innovator.  The application is expected to disrupt existing industry standards and conventional wisdom about patent clearance and other patent management activities by creating an entirely new analytical paradigm.

ClearstoneIP rejects the traditional notion that clearance searches ought to be carried out using the same methods applicable to prior art or validity searches.  Instead, the Innovator search platform uniquely ties patents to their required claim elements and presents the elements in an intuitive and functional hierarchy.  Searchers narrow the set of relevant patents by selecting elements that are not embodied by a product undergoing search.  The software employs a patented method to eliminate patents that require the selected elements for infringement, resulting in a manageable short list of potentially relevant patents.  The program also enables users to uniquely memorialize patent infringement analysis so that repeated analysis is avoided in subsequent searches.

The company believes that much of the problem with patent clearance relates to the excessive amount of search results, or “hits,” commonly retrieved with traditional (prior art-focused) search methods, such as those based on keywords, synonyms, and concept-mapping.  These traditional methods are adept at amassing a large set of resultant patents, but do not help zero in on the most relevant results.  In addition, conventional methods fail to take account of fundamental differences between validity searching and clearance searching – which include the recognition that patent disclosures are almost always very different in scope from patent claims.  These differences are at the core of the Clearstone Innovator logic.

By inverting the traditional logic paradigm so that the focus is on features not embodied by a product being cleared, ClearstoneIP’s software cuts to the chase and enables complete clearance searches to be performed in a fraction of the time and cost, often within one day.  Clearstone Innovator also simplifies and uniquely enables ongoing patent portfolio and marking management.  Visit for a free 30-day trial.

About ClearstoneIP LLC

ClearstoneIP, based in California, was built to provide patent professionals and innovators with a revolutionary platform for patent searching, monitoring, and clearing based on the fundamental distinctions between patentability and infringement analysis. It was founded by two seasoned patent attorneys and a veteran software engineer to bring to life a long-held belief that patent clearance could be made more efficient and reliable.  Visit for more details.

There is an increasing use of patent citation data to predict patent quality and value - but is this relationship real? 

Published academic data would suggest that it is, but in fact the relationship is likely to be a little more complex than a straight correlation. In a new blog post we explore this relationship, and suggests a 3 step process for using citation data to help predict patent 'quality' and value.

As part of this, we ask 'what exactly is patent quality'?

In my view, there is a difference between the quality of the underlying invention, or 'invention quality' and the quality of the claims - coverage - remaining term etc, or 'legal quality'. 



But the two are related, because ultimately you can't get broad and valid claims for a mediocre invention - or in other words, invention quality should more or less be the upper limit of legal quality.

Knowing the invention quality (predictable by citation data) in turn will allow you to estimate both the legal quality, and in help suggest the patent value using a suitable valuation process.





We are pleased to announce that CAS REGISTRY reached 75 million small molecules today with the addition of CAS Registry Number 1470595-42-6 from the Aurora Fine Chemicals catalog. Although traditionally known for providing access to substances reported in the journal and patent literature, CAS REGISTRY also includes fine chemicals from commercial suppliers. This milestone highlights the breadth of sources monitored by CAS to ensure that CAS REGISTRY includes every publicly disclosed substance.

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