MaxVal Group, Inc., a leader in Patent Management Solutions and Services has added a new solution, Patent Assignment Tracker, to track USPTO assignments. Patent Assignment Tracker will be available as a part of Max-Insight, a suite of patent life-cycle management tools.

Patent Assignment Tracker

Within the Max-Insight dashboard, users will now have an option to track when assignments relating to target applications/patents/entities of interest are recorded. Using this solution, Max-Insight users can monitor a specific assignor or assignee or a patent and get alerted whenever a patent is purchased or sold by an entity, [SV1] or when there is a change in assignment for a set of patents.

Anyone who intends to monitor their competitors, assignment trend or mergers and acquisitions can use this service as a part of their competitive intelligence activity.

Users can set their own custom alerts simply by choosing any available criteria with their preferred frequency. This service enables one to track an assignment by current assignee/assignor, patent#, publication#, title and conveyance type.

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