Cluster Searching and AmberScope are innovative new ways of searching the patent literature, and finding patents not found by conventional searching - while saving you valuable searching time.

But because it is new and different, you may need to see it in action to fully understand the difference. For this reason, we have produced a series of short videos to show Cluster Searching and Amberscope in action, with reference to some case studies. 

These case studies are:

  • What is Cluster Searching?
  • How do a do a Patentability search using Cluster Searching (case study on a flying car)
  • How to quickly expand a patent examination search (case study on a patent filed by Ford for a folding bicycle)
  • An invalidation search for America's most litigated patens - finding 'unknown' prior art
  • How to find new prior art for a recently granted EP patent (case study for a motorised head for vacuum cleaner)
  • Introduction to AmberScope

And can be found at the page found here



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