There was a disturbance in the wiki last week. Not only did the plague of "Anonymous" postings continue, but the distribution of daily "Confluence changes in the last 24 hours" alerting email messages stopped due to a Confluence email server error around February 19. I believe we have fixed the daily update message error and this blog post should be listed in the one going out at 6:00 pm CST today.

As for the anonymous edits, Atlassian senior engineers have “located another case which has the same behavior on Confluence. They have compared this and the other case, locating a similarity with some external plugins, such as the Forum plugin… We have noticed that all pages which anonymous are editing are created as Topic inside this Forum plugin. We do believe that the issue might be caused by some external plugin editing the page (archiving maybe) and leaving the last modified blank, since no user edited the page. Confluence assumes that anonymous modified the page.… We do believe there is no hacking happening and the source of the editing is related to an external plugin, although we haven't replicated that yet.” Now we just have to get rid of the annoying email messages in a better way than restricting the PIUG Space to those who login in. 

If you are not watching the PIUG Space, you may have missed this activity in the PIUG Space due to the absence of the daily update messages. Of course, you could also have seen this information already on the Dashboard or on the main PIUG Space page.

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Old wiki postings re-emerging 
by Stephen Adams Feb 24, 2017

Dear colleagues Is anyone else apart from me seeing old PIUG wiki postings re-emerge on their news feed? I am seeing postings from 2009, 2012 etc coming back up again. The only thing which seems to have changed is that "Anonymous" has edited the page.

Patent dispute, corrected structure 
by Robert E. (Bob) Buntrock Feb 24, 2017

Oncoceutics patented OMC201 (anticancer agent) with the incorrect structure. Scripps determined the correct structure, an isomer, applied for a patent, and licensed it. Composition of matter rights are at stake. Dispute over the legal rights to an ...

Question about future offerings of the 2017 PIUG Patent Searching Fundamentals Course 
by Padmaja Rao Feb 24, 2017

The PIUG Patent searching fundamentals course scheduled for March 22-23, 2017 seems to be a great course for beginners. I am fairly new to this field and am looking to expand my skills. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this course. Can anyone tell me 

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Job Posting - 3M Technical Information Analyst - 24 February 2017 

3M is seeking a Technical Information Analyst for the Knowledge Discovery and Analytics group, located in Maplewood, MN. At 3M, you can apply your talent in bold ways that matter. Here, you go."
Carol Bachmann yesterday at 12:31 AM

Job Posting - Patent Search Analyst - IPSEN BIOSCIENCE, Cambridge, MA 21-Nov-2016 (CLOSED) 

APPLY AT: Patent Search Analyst POSITION SUMMARY The Patent Search Analyst is responsible for conduct...
Donna Fisher Feb 23, 2017 

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  1. Thank you for all the work you have done to rectify this, Tom.