Sorry for the late notice for this, my horse and I parted company last weekend and I have been laid up.  I did promise that we would have call in information for the business meeting tomorrow.  It will be audio only this year as we judge the demand for it.  The meeting is from 4 to 5:30 pm Eastern time.  Use the conference number 877-366-0711. The participant code is 62557933.  The slides will be available for viewing during the meeting at PIUG 2017 Annual Conference Presentations - May 2017

I will be interested in your feedback.  I apologize for my absence, so even I will be calling in this year.


Martha Yates

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  1. Martha Yates AUTHOR

    The slides are now up.  Also, if you call in, please mute your phone.  You can put in *6 to mute the line.  You won't be able to participate in the meeting, but only able to hear it.  Muting the line will enable everyone else to hear.