Hi folks,

I've just posted some supplemental materials to go with my presentation Seeing Our Work Through Other Eyes: Talking to Engineers About Patents and Patent Information. I had included a link to them in my slide deck, but I didn't actually publish the page until just today. I blame sleep deprivation due to the wonderful time I had at PIUG 2017 (smile).

Here's the link:


There you'll find:

  • sample questions for unstructured, open-ended conversations that can help you learn about conversation partner's views about patents, patent information, and patent information professionals
  • a sample Conversation Quick Reference Sheet (a "cheat sheet" you can use to summarize your preparation for your own conversations)
  • highlights from some of my own conversations with engineers about patents and patent information (these will be added soon...)

For all those at PIUG 2017 who managed to catch my presentation, thank you for coming. I was so happy to see so many of you in the session. And for those who spoke to me afterward, thank you so much for your feedback! 

Cathy Chiba

Twitter: @cathychiba
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cathychiba/

Website: http://www.cathychiba.com/


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