LOS ALTOS, CA - MaxVal, an IP solutions provider, is pleased to announce an online portal for their clients to manage patent projects. This self-service portal will enable users to create, track and seamlessly manage their projects in a single place.

This web-based platform features some important functions that can help clients to: 

    • Upload new drawing requests easily.

    • Receive instant notifications on project status.

    • Track the progress of your jobs in real time.

    • Download the deliverables through the portal.

“This online portal gives more control to the users and makes their lives easier. It eliminates the need for managing projects through email and increases efficiency and transparency,” says Tom Giesler, Director of Patent Illustrations at MaxVal.

If you are a current MaxVal Drawings client and have not tried the online portal yet, you can make a request here, or at orders@maxval-drawings.com.

Since 2006, MaxVal Drawings has been providing high-quality patent drawings and illustrations to IP professionals and inventors. They have significant experience with IP drawings in medical, biotech, mechanical and electrical engineering, high-tech and chemistry sectors. Their drawings reliably comply with all PTO requirements for filing utility, design and trademark applications.

About MaxVal Group, Inc.

MaxVal is a silicon valley-based technology-enabled IP solutions provider known for its cutting edge products and automated solutions. Since 2004, MaxVal has been providing technology-enabled solutions and expert services by partnering with patent counsel and patent operations teams to optimize patent lifecycle management with high levels of customer service. MaxVal’s clients range from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, top U.S. pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers and the leading technology-focused patent law firms worldwide.

Contact: Bala Krishnan, 650-472-1523, bd@maxval.com