Dear Colleagues,

The Early publication of the next version of the IPC (IPC 2018.01), together with the Compilation file, the Revision Concordance List (RCL), the Definitions and Catchword Index, are now available for consultation in English and French at:

(please refresh the page and select Version 2018.01 in the left menu as 2017.01 is set by default).

The corresponding master files and the by-products of this version are also available for download under:


For your information, in the next version of the IPC 2018.01,

1,055 new subdivisions are created in English, the same number in French;

119 groups are modified in English while 113 in French; and

108 groups are deleted;

which makes the total of 73,913 groups in the IPC 2018.01.


On behalf of the International Bureau, I would like to thank offices for your great and valuable contribution to this achievement !

Thank you for your kind attention and cooperation.

Kindest regards,


Ning Xu

Head, International Patent Classification Section

International Classifications and Standards Division

Global Infrastructure Sector

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Tel. +41(0) 22 338 8783; Fax +41(0) 22 338 7210

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