Ambercite is proud to release Ambercite Ai, our next generation patent search product. A major development of the now replaced Cluster Searching, Ambercite Ai comes with:

  • The ability to run three different types of searches - novelty, invalidation and licensing
  • A unique ability to filter results by the earliest publication date for that family - allowing you for example to find patent families that may have been published in the US after a target date - but published in other jurisdictions before this target date. We think that this may help with patent invalidation searches. 
  • The ability to preference the family member shown in the results. Results are returned in terms of representative family member, which defaults to granted US patents. But many users are in other jurisdictions, and we so we provide other options such being able to preference any of JP, CN, DE or EP family members (among other choices). 
  • CPC data is provided, to help filter down the results 
  • Links to additional information is now provided to both Google patents and Espacenet
  • Improved display in smaller screens.
  • Better alignment to our interactive visual network search engine Amberscope

An example search is shown below. A total of 100 patent families were returned, with only the top three shown. All 100 patent families were first published before March 2012, the priority date of US9,000,000

So definitely a step forward - and to a system which we have bench-marked against conventional and semantic search engines, and which we believe can return a unique set of patents more similar than those found by other search engines.

More details can be found on, or you can contact me on or +61 419 103 533 to arrange a short demonstration and trial.



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