Another month has come and gone and it is past time for another message from the chair.  We are at the end of the summer lull and it is time to start thinking about PIUG events again.  The Northeast meeting is coming up September 25-27.  There are some new things this year that will hopefully make it more appealing.  Please check out

PIUG needs some help.  I hope that you will consider helping with one of these things.

I would like to do a survey of all the members about what they want from meetings and whether or not we should change the format of the meetings.  I need someone who has some experience in doing surveys to help me with good wording and formatting.

We need to put together a procedure manual for PIUG.  If there is someone who has some documentation experience and would be willing to help, we would be grateful.  I think that just helping us with the structure of the document and how to approach the problem would be a huge help.  They wouldn’t necessarily have to do the writing, but could coordinate and structure the efforts of everyone who needs to contribute.

I would like to find someone who is interested in being a volunteer recognition coordinator.  We need to do better at recognizing our volunteers and especially our long-term volunteers.  This position could go through our records and help us figure out who our long-term volunteers are and come up with some additional ways to recognize them.  We have service awards but I would like to put together something a little more organized.  So if anyone has some passion around this, please let me know.

We are looking for people to head up the program committee for the 2018 annual meeting.  Ken and I will be heading up the planning committee, but we need a program chair.  It is the 30th anniversary and we will be in DC so it should be a great meeting.

We are still looking for someone to replace Tom Wolff as the head of the electronic communications committee.  Tom is still willing to do most of the work, but we are looking for someone with some vision as to what PIUG should be doing in the future and preparing us for that.

Along the same lines, Jane Thompson has indicated that she would like to step down from sponsorship chair.  If anyone is interested in sponsorship, please let us know.

A little early, but please start thinking about nominations for the board for next year.  We will need a chair, a vice chair, a secretary, a treasurer and a board member at large.

If you are interested in any of these positions or know if anyone who would be a good fit for any of them, please let me know.

Martha Yates


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