Dear colleagues,

Following on from the members-only webinar on the work of the WIPO Legal Status Task Force, the Partnerships and Patent Offices Committee of the PIUG is pleased to announce a second event in 2 weeks time.

Stephen Adams will present some feedback from the last two meetings of the IMPACT sub-group of the PDG (Patent Documentation Group).  PIUG attends these meetings as an observer, and it is appropriate that the PIUG membership should understand what is discussed there, and what input can be provided to ensure that our two organisations are collaborating to the best effect.  The IMPACT sub-group has extensive contacts with patent offices around the world, and undertakes a great deal of correspondence to encourage the production and use of high quality patent information, through liaison at the technical and policy-setting levels of these organisations.

The proposed dates for this webinar (c.45 minutes duration) will be Monday 2 October, Tuesday 3 October and/or Wednesday 3 October.  If there is sufficient demand, the session will be repeated on two or more of these dates.  The events will be hosted from the UK and held at a time which is convenient for the maximum number of attendees, wherever you are in the world.

In order to attend, please PRE-REGISTER by e-mailing to  Please use the title line - "PIUG webinar".  Your message should clearly state: (a) your full name (b) your corporate affiliation, if any, (c) your first and second choice of date and (d) your time zone.  Closing date for pre-registrations is noon EDT, Thursday 28 September.  This is to allow time for your PIUG membership status to be validated before the links to join the session are sent out.  Please note that you must be a paid-up member of the PIUG in order to attend these events, which are a member-benefit entitlement.

If you would like to attend, please pre-register as soon as possible.  If you know nothing about the PDG at all, this will give you a chance to find out - invest 45 minutes on professional development time!


Stephen Adams

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  1. Stephen Adams AUTHOR

    Dear colleagues

    Pre-registration for this event is now closed.  I have processed the list and all interested members have been allocated to a session on either Monday 2nd October or Wednesday 4th October.

    You should soon receive an e-mail with a link to the ClickMeeting site, including the password which you will need to enter the webinar on the day.  Please ensure that you click through the link to get to the session.  Please ensure that you verify the start time in your time zone in advance of the meeting - I have tried to take account of some of the indicated preferences on start/finish time.

    I look forward to seeing you next week!

    Stephen Adams