Palo Alto, CA – ClearstoneIP is pleased to announce the release of a tiered pricing structure for our comprehensive freedom-to-operate and patent risk management platform, Clearstone FTO. Starting with a completely free version, the platform enables users to perform, share, and archive patent reviews in an intuitive, purpose-built environment that has been described as "addictive." The premium level versions, Professional and Team, allow unlimited active reviews and provide additional features for managing reviews relative to extensive product lines, multi-product patent reviews, and team workflow aspects.

ClearstoneIP is a champion of innovation, and we believe in breaking down barriers that inhibit creativity and the innovation process. Patent infringement risk is a significant one of those barriers, but the problem is exacerbated when best practices for managing that risk are murky at best. We developed Clearstone FTO to bring clarity and efficiency to the way that freedom-to-operate activities are performed, while remaining mindful of the sensitivity of the information and analysis involved (we are patent attorneys, after all). After the Supreme Court's decision regarding willfulness and enhanced damages in Halo v. Pulse, it has become increasingly important for companies to begin to consider and competently investigate third party patent risk at an early stage of a product's development cycle and continuously throughout.

There is no one-size-fits-all product that will address the needs of all those to whom patent risk assessment is critical. We've differentiated our product offerings so that anyone, in any size organization or no organization at all, can take advantage of tools that will make their work better. We fully expect that the free version will meet the needs of most patent analysts, and we gladly welcome them. Others may wish to take advantage of premium features. Still others may take a hybrid approach where one user in an organization uses the advanced features of a premium account while colleagues remain with free accounts (all while collaborating on shared work product). There are a multitude of approaches to meet any set of needs.

About Clearstone FTO

The Clearstone FTO platform is designed to manage patent analyses where the focus is on the claims. This is primarily infringement-based activities like product clearance, freedom-to-operate, risk assessment, competitive intelligence, evidence of use, third-party patent analysis, patent monetization or enforcement, licensing assessment, portfolio management, etc. "Patent Reviews" are the principal commodities of the platform and represent an interactive and inter-connected collection of patent data, product information, claim-by-claim determinations, and additional work product such as analyst comments and multi-level tagging. Patent Reviews can be shared through the platform with team members, outside counsel, in-house counsel, engineers, or anyone, even those using a free account.

Here is a quick screenshot of the patent review interface:

Visit to learn more and to register instantly for a free account, or contact us directly at info @ (no spaces). We hope you join us.

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