IPPH hosts CPAC (PIAC) and supports PIUG-CPAC(PIAC) Asia Session in September for the past two years.  IPPH has an ongoing survey, please feel free to join. Background information is also in attachment.

IPPH is now conducting a research program of SIPO. The project aims to evaluate the implementation of the China's "Outline of the National Intellectual Property Strategy” (see attached). It would be highly appreciated if you could help finished the online survey https://www.wenjuan.in/s/I73ymi0/

This below is the basic background of our project:
Issued in June 2008, “Outline of the National Intellectual Property Strategy" is formulated for the purpose of improving China’s capacity to create, utilize, protect and administer intellectual property, making China an innovative country and attaining the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects(please find English version in attachment). On the occasion of the tenth year of implementing this strategy, SIPO coordinates other IP authorities to carry a series projects to estimate its effect and influence from different perspectives. Hereinto, international consulting is the very important assessment method to widely collect information for analyzing diversified perspectives from international IP society. To do that, we are planning to conduct survey and a follow-up interview to IP professionals, strategists and academics. The final data we collected and the evaluation results will be published in 2018.

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