The Patent Institute of Training ( is offering an online Patent Portfolio Management course on four (4) consecutive Monday evenings during February

Please contact Braxton K. Davies, Esq.for details before 10 February 2018 if you are interested.  The first class of the course is Monday, 19 February 2018.

Braxton's phone number is:  678.525.8911 and this is his email address:  Braxton is the CEO of the Patent Institute of Training.  

Following are details regarding the course. 


How You Will Benefit

  • Develop your capacity to think strategically about a patent portfolio
  • Understand crafting a global patent portfolio strategy that supports a business strategy
  • Become acquainted with patent landscaping and competitive analysis tools
  • Identify with confidence strategic vs. non-strategic patents in a portfolio
  • Become more proficient in effectively evaluating the business value of an invention


  • Developing a patent portfolio strategy from a business strategy
  • Competitive patent landscape analysis
  • Patent portfolio SWOT analysis
  • Filling portfolio gaps
  • Processes for effectively managing a patent portfolio and executing the portfolio strategy
  • Metrics for measuring progress and state of the portfolio compared to ideal state
  • Mitigating risk


Riyon Harding, Patent Agent, MBA                        

Riyon is a world-renowned patent strategist who develops portfolios to maximize the business value of the assets. She is co-chair of the Intellectual Asset Management Network for the Industrial Research Institute, licensing executive for the LOT Network, IP consultant, trainer and public speaker. Having prepared and prosecuted many patent applications, she is also a named inventor on several US Patents and applications. 

Riyon has over 15 years of patent portfolio development experience. She currently drives innovation at TiVo Solutions to create new products and features, which can then be protected as licensable IP.  TiVo generates over half of its revenue from licensing agreements and partnerships. She plays a key role in ensuring portfolio relevance for future success. Prior to joining TiVo in 2017 she managed the Coca-Cola Freestyle team's IP strategy and portfolio development efforts. She executed on that strategy to ensure business alignment and create customer value. She led the engineering teams through the inventive process, managed the patent portfolio and continuously analyzed the competitive IP landscape. Previously she worked with IBM’s Technology and IP Licensing group as an executive IP Strategist. There she worked with companies and research organizations around the globe to create strategic IP programs and enable them to maximize the value of their IP. 

Riyon also spent several years developing an intellectual asset management software tool, Advance IP, to enable organizations to better build, manage and commercialize their IP.


Each class will be 1 hour in duration.

Classes will be on four consecutive Monday evenings starting Feb 19 - March 12th beginning at 7PM EST.

The total cost of the course is $199.

A minimum of 10 participants are required for the course.

All classes will be recorded so that individuals who miss a class can watch them at their leisure later, or because sometimes students just want to re-watch a class even if they did not miss the class.




Founded in 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, the Patent Institute of Training (PIT) was created to assist law students and graduates who did not possess practical patent preparation and prosecution experience to qualify for jobs requiring 1-2 years of practical experience.

Today, PIT is the leading training provider of practical intellectual property courses for engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, corporate personnel, and the legal community. Through its partnerships with regional and national law firms, PIT helps engineers and scientists to seamlessly transition into the patent industry by leveraging their technical skills and expertise.

PIT offer interactive IP training for professionals, “Training On Demand So You Can Stay In Demand”.

In today's fast-paced, competitive markets, intellectual property strategy and protection drives both innovation and sustainability.

PIT offers flexible IP courses for engineers, inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and corporate employees designed to fit into your busy lifestyle.

With some of the nation's top IP minds as faculty and advisors, you're assured to receive quality, hands-on IP training that immediately benefits your employer, business, or invention.

Braxton K. Davis, Esq., CEO, Patent Institute of Training, Registration No.: 61,614;  678.525.8911

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  1. Darryl Newell AUTHOR

    You may use to this link to learn more about the course and also to register for the course:

  2. Darryl Newell AUTHOR

    Today is the last day to register for the Patent Portfolio Management Course.  You may use this link to learn more about the course and also to register for the course: