On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Patent Information Users Group (PIUG) Inc., it is my pleasure to announce the call for applications for the prestigious Stu Kaback Business Impact Award for 2018.  In keeping with the mission of the PIUG, the award serves to promote the patent information profession by celebrating its remarkable practitioners for the important contributions they make to their respective organizations.

The purpose of the Stu Kaback Business Impact Award is to recognize the achievements of an individual or a team of individuals who, in performing as patent information professionals, have made a distinct impact on an organization such as, but not limited to, a corporation, university, government agency, non-government organization, or a non-profit organization.  A patent information professional for the purpose of this award is a person who searches, analyzes, organizes and/or disseminates patent information, or who designs patent information retrieval systems.  A description of the award and the application process is provided below.  I encourage you to consider applying for this prestigious award or to nominate a colleague who you believe has had a distinct impact on your organization.

Award Package 

The PIUG-sponsored award consists of US$1500.00, a commemorative keepsake, and gratis registration at the PIUG 2018 Annual Conference, an international conference for patent information professionals.  If a team is selected as the award recipient, the US$1500.00 will be divided equally among the team members and each member will receive a commemorative keepsake.  The gratis registration will be awarded to a team representative, as designated by the team, who will be presented with the award during the Gala Dinner at the PIUG 2018 Annual Conference.

Application Process Summary 

The deadline for applications for the 2018 Stu Kaback Business Impact Award is 23 March 2018, 11:59 PM US EST.  Applications are welcome from all over the world and should be sent to secretary @ piug.org (please remove spaces).  Award applicants may either be self-nominated or nominated by another.  If a team is nominated, the team members may be from the same organization or from different organizations.  If you wish to nominate a patent information professional or a team of patent information professionals for the award, you will need to contact the nominee(s), as the award application requires their input.  Nominations from the previous 3 years are still eligible and do not need to be resubmitted.

Examples of situations worthy of nomination include, but are not limited to:

  • performance of a patent landscaping project which helped an organization successfully manage a merger, acquisition or partnership;
  • a patent validity search which helped a company avoid or support a major lawsuit, or an opposition or revocation proceeding critical to the organization;
  • the development of a new tool or database involving patent information which helped an organization expand into a new market;
  • providing assistance to an organization by way of an advisory board to improve an existing product or service involving patent information; or
  • assisting a project team to develop new ideas and explore their patentability, which led to a new product, process or service of the organization.

Please note that there is no need to disclose any confidential or business-sensitive information in the application.  Further details concerning the application process can be found at http://piug.org/an16kaback_award.

Applications for the award should be submitted to secretary @ piug.org (please remove spaces) by 23 March 2018, 11:59 PM US EST.  I will notify the award recipient(s) of their success on or before 6 April 2018.

Martha Yates
PIUG Chair 2016-2018

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