In celebration of PIUG’s 30th anniversary, we are putting together a book of Pearls of Wisdom.  What we are looking for are hints and tips for patent searching.  You might also think about factoids of something that fascinates you about working with patents.  What do you wish someone had told you at the beginning of your career?  Please include your name and affiliation as you want it in the book.  You might also include the year that you first joined PIUG or the number of years that you have been a member.  The book will be given out to attendees of the annual conference and available for purchase after the meeting.


Please use the link below to contribute text and pictures (jpeg).  We would like for responses no later than April 1, 2018.  If you have any questions, please contact Martha Yates at   By clicking on the link below you will be taken to Solentro’s website where you can easily write your text.  You may either write directly on the site or copy from another document and paste your text and upload images.  Anything you want to say should be in the box.  Your affiliation should also be in the box.

Thank you for your contribution!
(If the link doesn't work - copy it and paste it in your browser.)


Solentro—make your own book!  The easiest way to transform your personal texts into unique and beautiful high quality books.

 Martha Yates


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  1. Martha Yates AUTHOR

    A couple of comments on the process.  Unfortunately we can't put anything special on the submission page so you just have to trust that the link takes you to the right place.  Also, unfortunately you don't get any acknowledgement.  The process is supposed to work by my putting in the email addresses of everyone I want to contribute and then you get your own email with a link and then an acknowledgement email when you are done.  Since that wasn't practical in this situation, I just sent out the same link to everyone.  Because I generated the link to my email, then I get the acknowledgement of submission (so I suppose that is one upside).  I apologize that it isn't more customizable at this stage.  It makes it very easy to put in the submissions however and I felt like that outweighed the lack of spiffiness on the submission end.  You are welcome to make your submissions directly to me if necessary.

    Thank you for your contribution.  We have 3 so far!

    Martha Yates

  2. I submitted an alleged "Pearl" via the system.  I know no acknowledgement is provided (disappointing)  but I hope it was received.

  3. Martha Yates AUTHOR

    It was!  I am going to move this over to the forum, so it will be more persistent.  How about if I put on a comment with the first names of everyone who contributed every week, so there is some acknowledgement?