Dear All,
following the many messages received we have set up a virtual board where Susan's colleagues and friends are invited to add their personal memento, wish or prayer. You can add text, images or videos at this link.
The board will be finally sent her husband Paolo and her sons Tom and Emily, preferably by March 23.
Thank you in advance!

Bettina & Guido

 * * *

The CEPIUG Board with infinite sadness announces that our dear friend and chair Susan Helliwell has passed away last night.

Sue, you will always be in our thoughts!

The CEPIUG Board

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  1. Prayers and thoughts for her, her family, colleagues, and friends. This is certainly sad and shocking news.

  2. That is very sad news.

  3. So sorry to hear that!

  4. Stunned to hear this. Sincerest condolences to Susan's colleagues and all whom she held dear.

  5. I too an stunned and saddened by the Susan's passing. If someone has a link to an obituary, I'd appreciate receiving it. In her Facebook photo, she is on her bike with a T-shirt logo of "Mind" and there is also a caption. It reads "164 miles later... arrived at UK patent office" and is above a group picture of bikers, many also wearing the shirt T-shirt. What an inspirational event and a memorable way with which to be remembered!

  6. That's terrible news. All my condolences to those who knew her.

  7. Sad news indeed. Condolences to her family and friends

  8. Susan died almost the same day as my father and both reminded me of how important it is to live life to the fullest.  

    Susan Helliwell will be missed in the patent information community in Europe.  She helped to shape it into what it has become by her involvement with CEPIUG and also her activities in the U.K.  What a shame that someone so young is gone from us.  We will miss seeing her at IPI-ConfEx.

    Rest in peace Sue.