Harrisonburg, VA - ConvergentAI is pleased to announce the release of PatentID™, a Learning AI Search Solution for the legal market, designed to deliver superior patent search, discovery and monitoring.

Patent exploration still revolves around searching specific terms to review narrow results, relying on the user to manually correlate across these results by iteratively refining and resubmitting new searches to form a complete picture. This approach requires understanding the technical vocabulary of the invention and finding the right combination of terms for the search engine to produce good results. The specificity of the terms limits the ability to find adjacent innovation, while changing terminology with new innovation limits how current the search will be.

Instead being limited to search keywords, PatentID™ continuously learns the Legal Professional’s interests through simple user interaction as they explore patents, creating an Interest Model on the correlation across them. Armed with the breadth of the users Interest Model, the AI system continuously recommends patents related to those interests, along with a relevancy score for each. This continuous learning and recommendation model reduces the dependency on technical vocabulary, handles changes in terminology from new innovation and finds adjacent areas of invention even if they are in different classes. The result is a more efficient and complete search.

ConvergentAI is pleased to be speaking about AI’s ability to improve Patent Search at this year’s Patent Information Users Group Annual Conference in DC on Wednesday May 9th. The talk is titled AI meets IP: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Improved Patent Search. More information about the PIUG 2018 meeting can be found here https://www.piug.org/an18program

ABOUT: ConvergentAI provides predictive analytic solutions to improve business results. Our solutions are based on Swarm Intelligence; our proprietary AI/ML engine that was built from the ground up to deliver superior pattern recognition and event prediction on complex, heterogeneous, dynamically changing data. Our solutions deliver results where traditional AI/ML has been limited without complex data science. Please contact us to learn more about our Learning AI Search solution. E: contact@convergentai.com W: www.convergentai.com/patent/

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