Just got back from the annual conference and enjoyed it as always.  This year I have been working to increase the recognition for our volunteers.  We acquired some pins that have the PIUG logo on them and the word volunteer.  We are going to give them out to people who have volunteered for PIUG for 5 years or more.  I was able to start giving them out at the annual conference and post pictures of many of the recipients on the activity feed page in the meeting app.

Here is a list of people who received pins.   Lucy T. Antunes, Kristine H. Atkinson, Cynthia Barcelon Yang, Jim Brown, Barbara Burg, Andrea Davis, Dominic DeMarco, Malcolm Hallam, Julia Heinrich, Ron Kaminecki, Ford Khorsandian, Stephen Adams, Elliott Linder, Shelley Pavlek, Suzanne Robins, Edlyn Simmons, Heidi Stone, Seth Mendelson, Mark Hutcherson, Jane Thompson, Anthony Trippe, Sandra Unger, Diane Webb, Kristin Whitman, Tom Wolff, John Zheng-Wu, Donald Walter, John A Zabilski.

I will be working on sending out pins to people who weren't there.  We have reasonably good data for people who have worked on the meetings for the past 10 years but we don't have much data on who was on other committees.  Please email volunteer@piug.org to let us know of your committee participation so you can get a pin.

Here is a picture of one of our volunteers


Martha Yates                                                                                                                                   

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  1. Plus you're a great photographer, Martha! Such nice photos, and great to be thanked for something we care about doing.