The unique and innovative IP approach of Ambercite is now being used by leading patent owners, searchers and attorneys all around the world to find patents missed by the inefficiencies and risky assumptions of keywords searching.

However we wanted to make it easier for new users to try Ambercite, so we have launched a no-cost online trial version - simple sign up and start using.

For further details of the trial version , please visit here. (you can also sign up from this page).


Admittedly there are some limitations with the trial version - for example users are limited to the 25 most similar results, with some of these hidden as well.

But is there is enough capablility left to make the trial version worthwhile? The answer is definitely yes - there is still a full range of other functionality.

This is demonstrated in two blogs we have just written, both being case studies of the trial version in usage.

  • The blog here discusses a prior art search in relation to two patents being asserted against Apple for $1 billion
  • The blog here shows how Ambercite can be be used to help patent examiners and patent offices (or anyone trying to invalidate a patent) find new patent and uncited prior art. 

Curious? Try Ambercite for yourself to see why our users recognise that Ambercite is an ideal complement to their existing patent searching tools.

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