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Hi everyone,

If you like to monitor your patent portfolio or that of your competitors but fear the time consuming effort of manual checks, FIZ PatMon is the right tool for you to stay informed about new family members and changes to the legal status of patent applications while requiring minimal effort to set up the monitoring. 

It is not just another monitoring tool but is based on the established, up-to-date INPADOC datasets upgraded with additions and standardizations from FIZ Karlsruhe, that are well known and highly valued by STN users.  FIZ PatMon offers reliable and flexible worldwide surveillance of patent rights:


  • Broad monitoring with all changes in a family or in the legal status
  • Very specific monitoring on selected countries, legal status events or categories
  • Links to Patent Office Registers and the Global Dossier


FIZ Karlsruhe offers an introduction to FIZ PatMon in English for three different time zones also giving an update on new developments of the last few months:


Introduction to FIZ PatMon

October 18, 2018

2 pm Eastern Daylight Time


Introduction to FIZ PatMon

October 24, 2018

1:30 pm Indian Standard Time
10 am European Summer Time


Introduction to FIZ PatMon

October 24, 2018

10 am Eastern Daylight Time
3 pm European Summer Time



You can find more information or the request for a trial here.


Jim Brown

FIZ Karlsruhe, Inc.

Please join us for a terrific Program and Workshops at this years PIUG NE Conference.  Standard registration ends tonight.

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Shelley Pavlek (on behalf of the program/planning committee)

Are you looking to reduce the risk of missing engineered sequence patents and increase the speed and accuracy of your search for engineered sequences?

In recent years, significant breakthroughs have been made in understanding the biological mechanisms that cause and maintain different cancers. As a result, innovative therapies have emerged as genuine alternatives to chemotherapy.

In this webinar, we will review new biological therapeutic approaches such as CAR-T cell therapies and the challenges they present for patent searchers. We will illustrate how new tools, such as GENESEQ on SequenceBase and Derwent Innovation, can be used to reduce the margin for error during the patent search process, greatly increasing the speed and accuracy of your search for engineered sequences and the assessment of freedom to operate and actual infringement risk.

Webinar date:
October 4th
11:00 EST | 16:00 BST | 17:00 CEST

Carolyn Finch, Solution Scientist, Team Lead, Clarivate Analytics
Bob Stembridge, Marketing Communications Manager, Clarivate Analytics

Register here:

Please join us for a terrific Program and Workshops at this years PIUG NE Conference.  Standard registration ends September 28th.

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Shelley Pavlek (on behalf of the program/planning committee)

Dear fellow members of PIUG,

At the conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of CEPIUG in Milan, Italy last week there were two announcements made concerning ISBQPIP. Here the second one:

Dear PDG, CEPIUG, PIUG community,


As you have already been notified the ISBQPIP has been formally incorporated on August 31. This was announced at the conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of the CEPIUG in Milan. At the same occasion the Supervisory Council also announced the opening of the 3 month window for application for Prior Experience Recognition (Grandparenting). This window of opportunity will be open for applicants from Europe and the US as outlined in the Rules. We distribute this announcement message as a separate message to avoid one announcement obscuring the other.

As indicated in the Rules the announcement would be made 3 months in advance of the opening of the application window. Consequently the application period will start on December 10, 2018 and will last until March 11, 2019.

We would like to refer any interested party to our website at where they can find information on the procedure in the Articles and Rules (see especially Rule 18 and 19), as well as a draft of the application form (which will be replaced by the official form at the start of said period) under 'Prior Experience Recognition' in the navigation bar. We are confident that this announcement will give everyone ample time to decide whether they will want to apply and also to prepare their applications and gather the requested documents.

Please help us to disseminate this information to your constituencies. Regular updates and reminders will be sent.


With kind regard

On behalf of the Supervisory Council of ISBQPIP

Bernd Wolter (secretary)

Dear fellow members of PIUG,

At the conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of CEPIUG in Milan, Italy last week there were two announcements made concerning the ISBQPIP. Here the first one:

Dear PIUG, CEPIUG and PDG community,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the official launch of the International Standards Board for Qualified Patent Information Professionals (hereinafter the “ISBQPIP”). The ISBQPIP was officially established on 31 August 2018 in accordance with Dutch law at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. The ISBQPIP is the organization that will be administering the examination, certification and registration of QPIPs. As you may recall, several volunteers from the PDG, CEPIUG and the PIUG have worked together since 2009 to establish a voluntary certification process for the international patent information community. It is envisioned that certification will help to raise the profile of the profession by providing a formal qualification as a QPIP. One of the hallmarks of any accredited profession is a consistent method by which to assess core competencies and to uphold and maintain professional standards in order to serve in the best interest of employers or clients. The initiative underwent two rounds of public consultation in 2015 and 2017 and we have summarised our responses to the comments and suggestions provided by the public for your reference.

We once again thank everyone who participated in shaping the certification of patent information professionals by providing their comments and suggestions. We are also indebted to Ms. Susan Helliwell, who was a steadfast and incredibly valuable volunteer of the certification initiative from the very start and who contributed enormously to the foundation of the ISBQPIP. It is so unfortunate that she passed away earlier this year before the ISBQPIP could be established, but her spirit will live on for many generations of QPIPs to come!

With kind regards,

Members of the first Supervisory Council of the ISBQPIP:

Ms Bettina de Jong (Chair)
Ms Susanne Hantos (Vice-Chair)
Mr Bernd Wolter (Secretary)
Mr Bart van Wezenbeek (Treasurer)
Mr Linus Wretblad
Mr Michele Fattori
Mr Frederic Baudour
Mr Colin Mc Carney

Tuesday, February 19, through Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Kimpton Marlowe Hotel

25 Edwin H Land Blvd, Cambridge, MA 02141

Now in its thirteenth year, the PIUG Biotechnology Conference focuses on best practices for patent information professionals who specialize in biotechnology search and analysis. Within a changing business environment, patent searchers continue to provide value to companies and clients by maintaining contemporary knowledge of resources, technologies and industry trends.

The program committee is interested in receiving submissions by October 26, 2018 on the following suggested topics:

  • Presentations on scientific resources that will help biotech patent searchers develop and maintain their scientific knowledge and searching skills. Topic themes include technology platforms, biosimilars, including exclusivity information and the BPCIA “patent dance”, bi- or multi-specific antibodies as well as modifications, digital health including wearable devices, therapeutic vaccines, unitary patent, gene therapy, gene editing (CRISPR), multi-CDR searching, combination therapeutics, advanced sequence  searching, medical devices and diagnostics.


  • The use of text mining, machine learning or artificial intelligence in biotech patent searching
  • How changes in the law or regulatory procedures impact biotech patent searching
  • The use of patent information as a pre-competitive intelligence tool, intellectual property valuation studies, in licensing/out licensing opportunity identification and patent landscaping
  • Practical suggestions to illustrate these themes are as follows:
  • Best practices in constructing patent search strategies, reporting formats, and use of new tools for the organization/management of patent alerts/watches
  • Showcase methods for effective client engagement, user experience, attorney outreach and time management
  • The incorporation use cases in the academic, corporate and other sectors
  • Examples of how a work product supports or is a component of business decisions
  • Review the use of patent information as a competitive intelligence resource
  • Approaches to fostering continuous improvement, i.e., use of analytical &/or visualization applications, implementing quality control guidelines, team collaboration and knowledge sharing practices.


Also, as always, we would be interested in presentations about a specific search scenario with the strategy described, databases used, results identified, or other tips and tricks.

The theme is meant to inspire but not limit topic selection - all topics related to biotechnology patent information research will be considered.

Interested speakers should submit the following to Greg Roland (gregory.roland at novartis dot com) and Ellen Sherin (ellen.sherin at aptean dot com) by October 26, 2018:

  1. Proposed speaker name
  2. Brief biography
  3. Full contact information
  4. Presentation title
  5. Abstract (100 – 200 words)

If you are interested in submitting a paper but need extra time to obtain your management approval, please let us know by the October 13, 2018 deadline and if possible provide the topic title &/or a few sentences that we can consider in the interim.

  • The organizers reserve the right to accept abstracts at their discretion in order to assemble the best possible program. Invited speakers may take precedence over other speakers. Please be advised that your abstract submission may be published on the PIUG web site and related media, shortly after receipt or at any time thereafter. Therefore, do not include confidential or business-sensitive information in your abstract. 
  • If you would like to recommend a speaker on a particular topic or suggest another topic of interest, we would appreciate hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact the PIUG 2019 Biotechnology Conference organizers, listed below, with your views.

Further news about the program and updates regarding the conference will be posted on the PIUG Discussion Forum (PIUG-DF) and on the upcoming PIUG 2019 Biotechnology Conference web page.  

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to seeing you at the PIUG 2019 Biotechnology Conference! 

The PIUG 2019 Biotechnology Program Committee:

Co-Chairs: Greg Roland and Ellen Sherin

PIUG 2019 Biotechnology Planning Committee Chair:

Co-Chairs: Qin Meng and Alison Taylor

PIUG 2019 Biotechnology Workshop Chair:

Elyse Turner

Congratulations to CE-PIUG on their 10th anniversary and their first conference.  I just returned from representing PIUG at the meeting and had a wonderful time.  I want to thank the CE-PIUG board for inviting me.  It was a great meeting.  There was quite a bit of discussion about AI and how it will affect our profession.  I think that the consensus is that we will survive it but that we need to keep our skills current.  We heard about new products from WIPO and the EPO.  We heard about the QPIP Certification, which is ready to start.  There was a panel discussion on training and education of patent searching professionals.  As usual, I saw some old friends and made some new ones.  Go to for more information.

Martha Yates

PIUG-CPAC Asia 2018 Session Presentations are now available on the PIUG “ Members-Only” site.

To access the presentations, BECOME A MEMBER of PIUG by going to the PIUG Membership site.

The third PIUG-CPAC Asia 2018 Session was held on August 31, 2018 at the Beijing Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center, Beijing, China, in conjunction with the two-day China Patent Annual Conference (CPAC). This year, approximately 10,000 attendees participated in CPAC.

The PIUG-CPAC Asia 2018 Session Planning/Program Committee would like to thank the speakers for their engaging participation and excellent presentations.

  • Ron Kaminecki, Director-At-Large, PIUG
  • Heiko Wongel, Director, Patent Information Promotion, EPO
  • Dr. Lutz Mailänder, Head, Cooperation on Examination and Training Section, WIPO
  • YunYun Yang, Senior Patent Analyst, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Lily Wang, IP Associate Director, Ascentage Pharma
  • Izumi Tsuzuki, past Vice-Chair, Patent Search Grand Prix (Japan)

Special thanks to our CPAC colleagues, specifically Ms. Ren Li, for the great collaboration and for providing superb logistical support throughout the session.

More than 240 attendees participated in the session this year, which is ~ 100% increase over last year.  Several attendees stayed behind after the session to engage in discussions with the speakers and exchange contact information.

The PIUG-CPAC Asia 2018 session provided attendees the opportunity to learn from experienced patent information professionals about patent searching techniques, tools and resources. It was also an excellent opportunity for them to learn about PIUG, the International Society for Patent Information Professionals. 

We would like to thank Zheng (John) Wu, Co-Chair, PIUG-CPAC Asia 2018 Session Planning for sharing his PIUG-CPAC 2018 Asia Session Review Article with PIUG members.

Overall, it was another successful PIUG-CPAC Asia session of networking, learning and sharing tips/tricks and updates on patent information search techniques, tools and resources!

Kind regards,
PIUG-CPAC Asia 2018 Session Planning/Program Committee
Partnerships and Patent Offices Committee (PPO)

Please join us for a terrific Program and Workshops at this years PIUG NE Conference.  Early Bird registration ends tonight.

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Shelley Pavlek (on behalf of the program/planning committee)

We are pleased to announce the addition of the USPTO to our Program, as well as the USPTO & Questel to our Workshop schedule.

We hope you will join us October 8-10 at the APA Hotel in Iselin, NJ.  Early Bird Registration will close on Sunday, September 9th. 

Shelley Pavlek (on behalf of the Program Committee)