UPDATE:  We are closing the NOV 1 registration and have added an additional date & time.

There is a lot of hype around AI’s impact on professionals… but in reality, AI is simply a tool.

Like any tool, in the hands of the right professional it can do impressive things. With the right learning, AI helps the professional focus on higher level impact analysis and conclusions; but how?

  • How can AI learn from my professional experience?

  • How can I trust the AI learning? How can I trust results?

  • How can AI augment my discovery and monitoring?

Join us to explore how AI can ‘learn’ in the hands of your professional insight – to improve your efficiency, accuracy and competitiveness in the market.

Select one of the 2 sessions below. (Registration required)

7 NOV 2018 11:00 AM Eastern Time  Register

  15 NOV 2018  2:00 PM Eastern Time   Register

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