We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the PIUG 2019 Annual Conference to be held May 4-9, 2019 at the Westin Alexandria in Alexandria, Virginia.  The theme for the  Annual Conference is:

Preparing for the Future and the Unknown:  New Technologies and Skills for the Patent Searcher

We are interested in papers from ALL sectors of the patent information community on patent searching and analysis topics related to the following: 

  • Design patents and device patents and their ties to designs. New tools for searching designs;
  • Use of artificial intelligence (AI) in patent searching;
  • Skills required for patent searchers as search technology changes;
  • Advanced patent search & analysis strategies supporting state of the art, freedom to operate, licensing, acquisition & divestiture activities, and also the creation of patent/competitive intelligence landscapes and other visualizations;
  • Reporting formats and client engagement;
  • Examples of use cases in electronics, mechanical, pharmaceutical (chemistry & biotech), software & other sectors;
  • Examples of the changing patent law environment and recent patent case law; and
  • Approaches to fostering continuous improvement, i.e., use of a variety of search systems/tools, analytical or visualization applications, team collaboration and knowledge sharing practices.

General Guidelines for submitting proposal/topic/ideas: 

  • Send your paper title, abstract (max. 200 words), speaker names, affiliation, brief biography and full contact information to Martha Yates (martha.yates@bayer.com). Note: presentations are typically 20-30 min., followed by 5 min. questions and answers.
  • Do not include confidential or business-sensitive information in your abstract.
  • If you would like to recommend a speaker or a topic for a presentation or a panel discussion please contact the PIUG 2019 Annual Conference organizers, listed below, with your comments and suggestions.
  • Further news about the program and updates regarding the conference will be posted on the PIUG web site at www.piug.org and PIUG Discussion Forum/Blog.

Deadline is November 30, 2018


Please share this notice within your greater patent information community to enhance our outreach efforts.  Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to seeing you at the PIUG 2019 Annual Conference!

PIUG 2019 Annual Conference Program Committee

Martha Yates (Bayer, martha.yates@bayer.com)

Ron Kaminecki (Kaminecki IP, ron@kaminecki.com)

Rosanna Lindquist (Hersheys, rlindquist@hersheys.com)

Elliott Linder (elinder@piug.org)

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