Dear PIUG colleagues,

On behalf of the Partnerships and Patent Offices Committee, I invite you to attend a webinar next month, updating you on the PIUG's activities as an observer at WIPO and the PDG during the past year.

The session, hosted by me, will consist of three parts:

a) update on the last two meetings of the Patent Documentation Group (PDG) IMPACT meeting, which discusses and reports on changes in worldwide patent documentation issues, and on the results of research on user needs and experiences which has been conducted amongst the PDG member companies.

b) update on the last plenary session (Oct 2018) of the WIPO Committee on WIPO Standards, including progress on the new standard for legal status information.

c) report on the WIPO event "IP Information Round Table" held in Geneva, also in October 2018.

Duration of the session, which will be run twice, is expected to be 45-60 minutes, depending upon questions and discussion.

Proposed dates and times are:

Tuesday 11 December 09:30 GMT (10:30 CET) - timed for attendees in Europe and India, plus Australian insomniacs (smile)

Monday 17 December 16:30 GMT (11:30 EST, 08:30 PST) - timed for North American attendees.

The session is open to PIUG members only, so it will be necessary to validate your membership in order to attend.  Please e-mail your name (as recorded in PIUG membership), company affiliation and the e-mail address to which you would like the registration link to be sent, to :   by NO LATER THAN 17:00 GMT (12:00 EST) on Wednesday 5 December.

Thank you, and I look forward to see as many of you as possible on one of the two dates.

Stephen Adams

Partnerships and Patent Offices Committee co-chair.

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  1. Stephen Adams AUTHOR

    Kathleen Burrows

    Dear Kathleen - my copy of Outlook has swallowed your registration e-mail!  Please re-send - sorry for the inconvenience.

    And if anyone else out there knows why Outlook consistently deletes the first message which you move into any newly-created sub-folder of your Inbox - it would help my blood pressure!


  2. Stephen Adams AUTHOR

    Dear Colleagues

    For clarification - no links will be sent out until the registration period is closed.  All applications will then be validated for membership status.  Links to your selected session will then be sent a few days before the webinar.

    Please indicate your preferred session date and time - I will assume that all those who have not indicated and who are located in the US wish to attend the 17 December session unless I hear otherwise.

    Thank you,