Apple have recently been granted US9838775 for Earbuds with biometric sensing.

Apple earbud.gif

This patent has a priority date of Sep 2015, and has 73 patent citations.

But was the prior art search complete? What can we learn in a two minute search on Ambercite?

This is a great case study for the new save and share function for Ambercite.

To get straight to the results, check out the fully interactive results link found here:  

And to find out where the two minutes went, check out the process as described here.

Surprised that prior art searching can be that simple? Well, this could be a reason why the likes of major patent owners such as Daimler, Nestle, Siemens, Stripe etc, recognise the value that the unique Ambercite AI search engine can bring to their patent searching processes.

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