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We have several highlights this year.  Saturday, there are 2 training courses: Introduction to Patent Searching and Patent Searching Fundamentals.  Sunday has vendor workshops and the annual business meeting.  Monday has a session on design searching, the keynote by Laura Peters, Deputy Director of the USPTO, a workshop by the USPTO and EPO on the future of the CPC, and other great talks.  Tuesday has more talks, open exhibit time, a panel discussion on using registers, and a workshop from the EPO on patent insight reports.  Wednesday has talks on patent landscapes and then workshops in the afternoon on CPC indexing, AI for patent searching and WIPO standards.  Thursday is the STN Patent Forum.  More information and links for registration can be found here.  

There are more educational activities than ever before plus plenty of opportunities for networking with your colleagues.  Also, there will be plenty of opportunities to interact with all of our sponsors and exhibitors.  Thank you very much to all of them.

Martha Yates

STN e-Seminar for April 2019

Hi everyone,

STN is running the following e-Seminar in April -


Title: Citations – Stepping Stones in your Search


Abstract: When searching for patent information, everyone wants to search comprehensively and precisely without missing anything important. So wouldn’t it be great if you could take advantage of the work carried out by patent examiners and/or assignees to identify relevant documents to a patent application? Patent citation information lets you do just that! STN offers many sources of citation information that increase your search efficiency.

This e-seminar helps you to discover the wealth of citation information in the various databases on STN, including patent and scientific citation resources. We will provide insights into the database specific citation coverage and search opportunities of the Derwent Patents Citation Index (DPCI), INPADOC, CAplus and SCISEARCH. We will present a typical case study in which citation information is a real stepping stone for your search, e.g. for prior art search or patentability searches. In a second case study, we show you how to use citation information for analysis, e.g. find key patents or identify licensing opportunities.


Date: April 30, 2019

3:00 pm Europe Summer Time (Berlin, GMT+02.00)

2:00 pm GMT Summer Time (London, GMT+01:00)

9:00 am Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

8:00 am Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00)

6:30 pm India Time (Mumbai, GMT+05:30)


Date: April 30, 2019

8:00 pm Europe Summer Time (Berlin, GMT+02.00)

7:00 pm GMT Summer Time (London, GMT+01:00)

2:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

1:00 pm Central Daylight Time (Chicago, GMT-05:00)

11:00 am Pacific Daylight Time (San Francisco, GMT-07:00)

11:30 pm India Time (Mumbai, GMT+05:30)


To register for these events, please visit –


Best regards,


Jim Brown

FIZ Karlsruhe, Inc.


We are rapidly approaching the end of early bird registration and I wanted to highlight some of the workshops that are available this year.  We have training classes on Saturday (not exactly workshops but close).  Those are fee based.  You can just attend those, but you do get a discount if you are also coming to the meeting.  Sunday is the usual vendor workshops.  Again this year, none of them overlap, so you don't have to choose.  Monday afternoon is a workshop as part of the plenary from the USPTO and EPO entitled "Six years down the line: a CPC update on status and future development".  After that workshop will be a virtual tour of the USPTO.  The logistics of going over to visit were just not feasible, so they are coming to us.  Please stay for that.  On Tuesday as part of the plenary will be a workshop from the EPO entitled "Patent Insight Reports from the EPO: Future and Emerging Technologies".  Nigel Clarke will be the presenter and I am sure it will be very useful and entertaining.  

On Wednesday afternoon, we have 3 paid workshops to choose from (in addition to having additional exhibit time).  Stephen Adams will talk about the wonderful world of WIPO standards.  Parthiban Srinivasan will talk about Artificial Intelligence Basics for Patent Professionals.  Finally Tonya Heyboer and her team from Serco will talk about Leveraging CPC for Search.  This will involve some break out sessions for specific technology areas so they can focus where people are most interested.  Early bird pricing for all of these ends on Sunday as well.

Finally, the STN Patent Forum is on Thursday.

I hope everyone enjoys the enhanced educational opportunities at the PIUG 2019 Annual Conference.

See you in DC

Martha Yates

Patent searching is always an imperfect process. No matter what query we first run, we will often end up with a list of imperfect results. Professional searchers then tend to use a variety of iterations until they find what they are looking for.

Here at Ambercite we fully appreciate this, which is why we have just introduced a small but important update, the ability to hide all but newly found results, via a new “Show Only New” button, shown below:

Show only new button.GIF

What this means in practice is that searchers can

  1. Run a query in Ambercite, based on relevant patents for the search objective.
  2. Identify a list of also relevant patents in the list of similar patents found. Ambercite has an unusually efficient means of displaying results found - you can quickly review results in our customised "Patent Review Box".
  3. Add these also relevant patents into the query box
  4. Re-run the patent search based on the revised list
  5. Use the Show Only Button to remove the previously seen patents reviewed in part 2) - so you can focus 100% on the new results found.

In other words, user can Iterate their way to the final set of patents.

Why have we done this? We have thought long and hard about the patent searching process, start to finish, and want to improve every step - and is part of our continual improvement process.

A case study based on US9,000,000 is found here

Existing subscribers to Ambercite can access this function straight away - other users can trial Ambercite via the trial link found here

And what our user saying? 

"I think the iterative search is great and kudos for introducing it" - G. from a consumer electronics company in Sydney. 

The Patent Information Users Group Northeast Conference Program Committee is pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the PIUG 2019 NE Conference to be held on Tuesday, September 24 at the APA Hotel Woodbridge in Iselin, NJ.  This years theme is: Navigating Patent Information in a Flat World.


We are interested in papers from ALL sectors of the patent information community (chemistry, electrical, mechanical, software, pharmaceutical & biotechnology), and from ALL areas of the patent professional community (attorneys, agents, examiners, searchers (corporate and independent consultants) & tech transfer offices) on patent searching and analysis topics related to the following:

  • Patent search & analysis strategies supporting freedom to operate, licensing, acquisition & divestiture activities, patent/competitive/business intelligence landscapes, etc.
  • Examples of the changing patent law environment and recent patent case law, both domestic and international.
  • Illustrations of patent family organization from a database provider perspective, use cases on how patent professionals review patent families, such as what countries are of interest and why, and/or challenges on searching patent family equivalents.
  • Examples of recent use cases in all sectors of the patent information community.
  • Reporting formats and client engagement.
  • Approaches to fostering continuous improvement, i.e., use of a variety of search systems/tools, analytical &/or visualization applications, team collaboration and knowledge sharing practices.
  • Current and future technologies & tools.


General Guidelines for submitting proposal/topic/ideas:

  • Send your paper title, abstract (max. 200 words), speaker names, affiliation, brief biography and full contact information. Note: presentations are typically 30-45 min., followed by 5 min. Q&A.
  • Do not include confidential or business-sensitive information in your abstract.
  • If you would like to recommend a speaker or a topic for a presentation please contact the PIUG 2019 NE Conference organizers, listed below, with your comments and suggestions.
  • Further news about the program and updates regarding the conference will be posted on the PIUG web site at and PIUG Discussion Forum/Blog.


Please email an abstract with your idea(s) to Shelley Pavlek ( 

Deadline is July 1, 2019 for full consideration, with July 31, 2019 as the final deadline for submission. 


Please share this notice within your greater patent information community to enhance our outreach efforts.  Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to seeing you at the PIUG 2019 NE Conference!


PIUG 2019 NE Conference Program Committee

Shelley Pavlek  (Bristol-Myers Squibb Company;

John Marlin (ExxonMobil,
Yateen Pargaonkar  (ExxonMobil;

Leah Sandvoss (Pfizer;

Donald Walter  (CAS;

Hard to believe that we are gearing up for the 2019 annual conference.  Only a few weeks left on the early bird pricing.  This year we have two training courses on Saturday.  Sunday is a full slate of vendor workshops, then the PIUG business meeting and the opening reception.  Monday afternoon at the end the plenary is a workshop for the USPTO and EPO on changes to the CPC.  The awards banquet will be Monday evening.  Tuesday afternoon at the end of the plenary is a workshop from the EPO on patent insight reports.  Wednesday, the plenary ends at noon and the afternoon has 3 paid workshops and more exhibit time.  Thursday is the STN Patent Forum.   I think everyone will find many great educational opportunities.  Please see an19meeting for all the details.

We will also introduce a game on the meeting app in which you will get points for certain activities such as visiting vendors, attending talks and workshops and other fun things.  There will be daily winners and even some random drawings as well.

Thank you to all our sponsors and exhibitors 

Don't forget to stay at the conference hotel.  It is very important to our meetings that we have good hotel attendance.

We are coming up to the deadline for the Kaback award, so please get your nominations in.

I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Martha Yates

Hello everyone,

We have provided limited yet free patent data to the World Patent Information Test Collection, designed to support scientific research. It covers major patent authorities from the years 2014-5.

Here is a link to our blog post giving more details:

Here is a link to an article about it in the WPI journal:

ITC docket alert options?

Anyone know the fastest way to retrieve ITC docket alerts? I set up alerts using ITC's EDIS alerts as well as Bloomberg Law but I hear there are sources out there that are faster. Does not appear to involve Lexis/Courtlink, Westlaw, Docket Navigator or CourtHouse News.


Mike W.