Patent searching is always an imperfect process. No matter what query we first run, we will often end up with a list of imperfect results. Professional searchers then tend to use a variety of iterations until they find what they are looking for.

Here at Ambercite we fully appreciate this, which is why we have just introduced a small but important update, the ability to hide all but newly found results, via a new “Show Only New” button, shown below:

Show only new button.GIF

What this means in practice is that searchers can

  1. Run a query in Ambercite, based on relevant patents for the search objective.
  2. Identify a list of also relevant patents in the list of similar patents found. Ambercite has an unusually efficient means of displaying results found - you can quickly review results in our customised "Patent Review Box".
  3. Add these also relevant patents into the query box
  4. Re-run the patent search based on the revised list
  5. Use the Show Only Button to remove the previously seen patents reviewed in part 2) - so you can focus 100% on the new results found.

In other words, user can Iterate their way to the final set of patents.

Why have we done this? We have thought long and hard about the patent searching process, start to finish, and want to improve every step - and is part of our continual improvement process.

A case study based on US9,000,000 is found here

Existing subscribers to Ambercite can access this function straight away - other users can trial Ambercite via the trial link found here

And what our user saying? 

"I think the iterative search is great and kudos for introducing it" - G. from a consumer electronics company in Sydney. 

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