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Apparently WIPO has a page that lists the closed dates of patent offices

Here is the heading on the page.

IPO Closed Dates

Intellectual property Offices’ closed dates are furnished yearly by the respective Offices. They are then expanded and updated with subsequent information received by the International Bureau.

I didn't know about it and I thought others might be interested to know.

Martha Yates

Old timers will remember that the American Chemical Society Joint Board-Council Committee on Patents and Related Matters (CPRM) has long published a primer on patent law basics.  The 3rd edition, published in 2002, was available in print and later online, but changes in United States patent law and procedures limited its usefulness.

 We are now happy to announce that the fourth edition is now available on the CPRM website,

 This is an updated version of the 3rd edition, which is still available on the website, with a glossary of patent terms and hyperlinks to a limited number of patent resources available as of late 2018.  You are welcome to use it for reference and instruction,

 The CPRM website includes links to additional patent law and information resources and the CPRM Education and Outreach subcommittee anticipates provided expanded resources in the near future. 

Edlyn S. Simmons

Chair, CPRM Education and Outreach subcommittee

Hello everyone,

We are excited to invite you to an educational and entertaining event on the afternoon of April 25. (Yes, technically it's the day before World IP Day.)

Leveraging Patents as an Information Source

A World IP Day Celebration

Patents are the world’s largest source of technical information, and monitoring trends can provide insight

into corporate strategy, technology trends, R&D activities, and many other areas. Some basic patent

knowledge is required to make the best discoveries, which will be the focus of this event.

Learn more and register:

Date: Thursday, April 25th, 1:00–5:00pm

Location: AMA Meeting Center, 48th & Broadway, New York, NY


Larry Cady, Senior Analyst at IFI – Larry is an experienced patent data analyst and conducts research in

support of IFI’s clients and partners. Before joining IFI CLAIMS, Larry was VP of Product Management at

Thomson Scientific, responsible for IP products.

Janice Stevenson, EVP of Client Services at IFI – Janice applies her vast client support experience to

providing IFI clients the foundation they need to bring their applications to full fruition. She draws on

past experience as a trainer, sales manager, and developer focused on intellectual property and patent


Anthony Trippe, Managing Director of Patinformatics – a leading, full-service advisory firm specializing in

patent analytics and landscaping to support decision making for technology-based businesses.

Relecura has created a free tool that measures the productivity and impact of inventors ( Users can search and showcase the impact of their inventions with their i-index report. Read more about it by going to the following link.

The calculation of the i-index is similar to that of the h-index used by scholars to measure their research output. More information about the factors it includes can be found on our blog.

The i-index report can be easily shared with others via e-mail, social media including LinkedIn and on professional online profiles, company websites and the like. The i-index can be used to identify prolific inventors whose inventions have had a far-reaching impact. More below.

Feel free to try it out and do share these details with others who might be interested.

The Relecura Team

We are getting closer!  There are some new workshops to sign up for.  Don't forget about the Wednesday afternoon workshops and the STN Patent Forum on Thursday.  Also please make your hotel reservations through the hotel room block.  Room nights are a very important part of our contract with the hotel.  If you have newer colleagues, this should be the perfect opportunity to learn about PIUG and patent searching.  Lots of excellent educational opportunities and networking with colleagues.

See you there.

Martha Yates

The Japanese press has released the name for the new Emperor's era when Crown Prince Naruhito becomes emperor on 1st May.

The new era name is Reiwa.

Although the use of the emperor's year has been phased out as an element in patent publication numbers, it is still in use for recording some dates on Japanese front page data.

The convention up to now has been to add an initial letter derived from the era name before the number of the emperor's year e.g. S60 for Showa 60 or H15 for Heisei 15.

Fortunately, no era names since the Meiji patent act have had the same initial letter R, so database producers will be able to continue the pattern :

M Meiji

T Taisho

S Showa

H Heisei

R Reiwa

Happy searching!

Stephen Adams

Magister Ltd.


PIUG members can take out a personal subscription to WPI Journal by emailing Elsevier at the email address below mentioning your PIUG membership.:

There are always some articles available as 'Open Access'   i.e. without a subscription.  These are typically:

  • The first volume of each year
  • The Editorial
  • Articles where the author / institute has paid for open access
  • The Editor’s choice

Look for the 'Open access'  or 'Full text access'   Green button next to the article.


We would particularly welcome more contributions from practioners!      We seek to publish research articles from academia and best practice articles from industry.   Please get in touch with me to discuss ideas you may have for an article whether its on best practice in search in your technical field, how you analyse, record, or manage patent search projects however big or small.  Have you carried out an evaluation of search / analysis tools for your organisation or user group?     Our readers would be very interested to read about these topics!    WPI turns 40 this year - so we are also keen to publish articles which look at trends, history or make forecasts.