PIUG members can take out a personal subscription to WPI Journal by emailing Elsevier at the email address below mentioning your PIUG membership.:

There are always some articles available as 'Open Access'   i.e. without a subscription.  These are typically:

  • The first volume of each year
  • The Editorial
  • Articles where the author / institute has paid for open access
  • The Editor’s choice

Look for the 'Open access'  or 'Full text access'   Green button next to the article.


We would particularly welcome more contributions from practioners!      We seek to publish research articles from academia and best practice articles from industry.   Please get in touch with me to discuss ideas you may have for an article whether its on best practice in search in your technical field, how you analyse, record, or manage patent search projects however big or small.  Have you carried out an evaluation of search / analysis tools for your organisation or user group?     Our readers would be very interested to read about these topics!    WPI turns 40 this year - so we are also keen to publish articles which look at trends, history or make forecasts.


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