At this time, the PIUG Collaboration with EPO and WIPO on Facilitating Access to Worldwide Patent Information has finished preparing the updates to the Patent Office Resources page on the PIUG wiki. The page contains links and high-level summaries of the information available on the EPO and WIPO websites. Suggestions on additional quick guides for Patent Registers from other countries and/or patenting authorities of interest to be included in this PIUG wiki page are most welcome. Please contact @Cynthia Barcelon Yang or @Cynthia Gallagher with any suggestions.

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  1. What a great resource! Do you mind posting a link to it?

  2. Andrea:

    Thank you for the suggestion. I added a direct link to the Patent Office Resources page in Cynthia Gallagher's blog posting.

    You may also navigate to this page by clicking on the Patent Resources links in the left-side navigation panels on the PIUG Space home page (from the PIUG Space tab on every wiki page) or on the PIUG Wiki Dashboard (from the Site Home tab on every wiki page). The Patent Resources page lists many wiki pages, all of which may be edited and updated by PIUG wiki registrants to make them even more useful.

    The screenshots below show the navigation tabs and panels.

    Admin - Tom Wolff


  3. Thank you, Tom, for adding the link and also giving additional tips on how to navigate to the site!

    Thank you, Andrea, for the suggestion. Hope you will find the resources useful. Let us know your comments/suggestions for improving the site or any other countries of interest to include.

    Best regards,