I'm trying to access a copy of a Malaysian granted patent. I've managed to register with their register (smile), and find the relevant patent record, but the full publication is nowhere to be found. According to what appears to be the current version of the law on WIPOLex (Patents Act 1983 (Act 291, as amended up to Act A1264 of 2006)), it looks like public access to copies of patents are subject to a fee, but I can't locate the place on the Malaysian patent office web site to tell me what the fee is or how to order a patent. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

*Amended to note, I found the price (40RM), just not the place to order it yet: http://www.myipo.gov.my/en/patent-form-fees/?lang=en#toggle-id-2

Many thanks!

Section 31. Grant of patent.

(3) As soon as possible thereafter the Registrar shall -
(a) cause to be published in the Gazette a reference to the grant of the patent; and
(b) make available to the public, on payment of the prescribed fee, copies of the patent. [Am. Act A863: s.19]

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  1. you can get copy of patent through payment or through local agents