Need alternative databases having similar coverage for Patents.

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  1. Ramesh,

    I would suggest you check out the pages put together by the folks at Intellogist (Link) for a good listing of patent databases. There are dozens if not hundreds of databases and each has pros and cons. Most will tell you their pros in very large CAPITAL LETTERS, but learning the cons will take much more effort.

    Good luck,

    P.S. And if you visit the Intellogist blog, make sure you click +1 or like on all of PIUG member Kristin Whitman's posts. (smile)

    1. Hi Dominic,

      Thanks for the kind words and suggesting Intellogist.



      The most similar alternatives to Thomson Innovation (in terms of coverage, tools, and interface) are: PatBase (link to system, link to Intellogist information), (link to system, link to Intellogist information), and TotalPatent (link to system, link to Intellogist information). I hope this is of help to you.





  2. For free (conventional) patent databases, I use on a regular basis Espacenet and Patentlens

  3. ArchPatent, AcclaimIP (formerly CobaltIP), FreePatentsOnline, Innography, Pantros IP and IFI Claims are also good choices to explore.

    Some provide both free and pro features while some are subscription services.

    You might also consider having a look at the PIUG Vendor page at for a collection of potential alternatives.

  4. Dear Ramesh,

    We read your posting with concern based on your experience with Thomson Innovation.  If there are questions or issues that we can help to address, I will ensure your concerns receive the proper attention with folk here at Thomson Reuters.   Please let me know how I can help.

    Best regards,
    Bob Stembridge
    Customer Relations Manager
    Thomson Reuters IP & Science


  5. Actually Thomson Innovation has probably the broadest patent information coverage. But there are lot of other great tools also. I forgot to mention and PatentInspiration. I wrote about PatentInspiration here:

    PatentLens, FreePatentsOnline, ArchPatent, AcclaimIP are also great tools, but their coverage is quite limited. 

    Regarding free tools, check the also. 

  6. Thank you all for your information sharing.

    I wonder if you have noticed that those patent databases all cannot search patents by geographical location in a specific country. Patent intelligence is a market intelligence, and geographical location is a vital key for market intelligence. I have created a weekly updated due diligence database of US patent holders in the geographical locations (provinces/cities) of Canada, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. There is a Q&A about my research posted on the following website:

    I analyzed 150,000+ US patents granted to Canadian and Chinese entities to distill this due diligence database of 10,000+ Chinese US patent holders and 6,000+ Canadian US patent holders. This database is synchronized with USPTO database on a weekly basis, and can give you the latest US patent holding ecosystem in a specific province/city of Canada and Chinese territories. This is not a software program, but information source with contents organized by geographical location.