AIDB - Associazione Italiana Documentalisti Brevettuali - Italian Patent Information Users Group.

American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)

Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP)

Association of New York Intellectual Property Law (NYIPLA)

Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Industrielle (AIPPI) - (International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property, Internationale Vereinigung fŸr gewerblichen Rechtsschutz) International non-governmental, non-profit organization for the protection of intellectual property such as patent law, trademark law, copyright, computer software, and protection of integrated circuits, design and model law, plant variety protection, protection of appellations of origin and geographic names, and unfair competition law.

AUTM Association of University Technology Managers

BE Patent Information User Group. A Belgian users group does not exist. Dutch speaking Belgian patent information users participate in WON, French speaking users in CFIB.

CIPA Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys. UK professional body for qualified patent attorneys.

CEPIUG Confederacy of European Patent Information User Groups was founded in 2008. Its aim is to be a platform for cooperation for the Patent Information User Groups in Europe.

CFIB - Club Francophone d'Information Brevet - French speaking Patent Information Users Group.

DK Patent Information User Group: see PIF.

EPI - Institute of Professional Representatives before the EPO All persons listed with the European Patent Office (EPO) as professional representatives, i.e. European Patent Attorneys (EPA), are members of EPI. The objects of epi are a) to collaborate with the European Patent Organisation on matters relating to the patent profession and, in particular, on disciplinary matters and on the European qualifying examination; b) to aid in the dissemination of knowledge relevant to the work of epi members; c) to promote compliance by epi members with a code of professional conduct; d) to liaise, as appropriate, with the European Patent Organisation, and other bodies, on matters as they relate to intellectual property.

FEMIPI -Fédération Européenne des Mandataires de l'Industrie en Propriété Industrielle- European Federation of Industrial Property Agents in Industry - Europäischer Verband der Industrie-Patentingenieure.   The purpose of the Federation is the study, development and protection of the professional interests of industrial property agents in industry. It is non-profit organisation and was founded in 1971.
At the website there is a list of the national organizations of the federation.

FICPI - Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle (International Federation of Industrial Property Attorneys) was created on September 1, 1906, as an association solely of industrial property attorneys in private practice. In the various countries the members are organised in national associations, national sections, or they are direct individual members admitted to FICPI by decision of the Executive Committee of the Federation. FICPI offers participation in congresses, open forums, seminars and other meeting activities.

FR Patent Information User Group: see CFIB.

The Institute of Patentees and Inventors, a non-profit making association of over 1,000 individual inventors and inventing companies. It offers its members advice and guidance on all aspects of inventing from idea conception to innovation and development. The Institute publishes a journal every quarter which contains information regarding the Institutes activities and national news of interest to the inventor.

Intellectual Property Forum aims to raise awareness of the role and importance of intellectual property (IP) in the UK economy and improve the quality of debate about IP

Intellectual Property Owners (IPO) is for owners and all others who are interested in intellectual property rights. IPO is the only association that represents the interests of all owners of intellectual property. IPO differs from bar associations by focusing exclusively on protecting rights of ownership of property. Although it has attorney members, IPO does not deal with issues relating to private practice of law. IPO represents the broadest possible range of interests in ownership:

  • organizations and individuals
  • manufacturers and parties to licenses and assignments
  • people interested in patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets*people interested in the United States and worldwide in all industries
  • The IPO DAILY NEWS is e-mailed to IPO members Monday through Friday. It includes a mix of brief items on lawsuits, legislation, inventions, and IPO association activities.

International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) is a coalition formed in 1984 to represent the U.S. copyright-based industries - films, videos, recordings, music, business software, interactive entertainment software, books and journals - in bilateral and multilateral efforts to improve international protection of copyrighted works.

Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys of Australia

Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia (IPRIA)

IPAJ Intellectual Property Association of Japan

IT Patent Information User Group: see AIDB.

Japan Patent Attorneys Association in English

National Association of Patent Practitioners - An association for patent practitioners open to both patent lawyers/agents and inventors/individuals. Although the founding 19 members are all patent practitioners, NAPP's membership is open to others who are interested in learning about patent law and new technology. The founding members are most interested in bridging the "gap" which has formed between inventors and patent practitioners. They hope to do this by having the organization serve as a resource for information about the patent process and new technology. NAPP aims to educate not only the practitioner but the individuals who have a desire to learn more about the patent process.

NIP - Association of patent attorneys in Norwegian industry (Norsk Forening for Industriens Patentingeniører).

NL Patent Information User Group: see WON.

The Patent Office Professional Association (POPA) - The professional labor organization for Patent Examiners providing information about the United States Patent and Trademark Office from an employee perspective.

Patent and Trademark Group (PATMG) - A Special Interest Group of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. It was formed as a result of merging the Patent and Trademark Searchers Association with the Institute of Information Scientists in 1978. The IIS then merged with the Library Association in 2002 to form CILIP. Members are drawn from industry, patent agencies, freelance searching firms, database producers and hosts, academic institutions, patent offices and libraries. The group is based in the United Kingdom but membership is open to any interested individuals from anywhere in the world.

Patent Information Users Group (PIUG)

Patent and Trademark Depository Library Association (PTDLA) discovers the interests, needs, opinions, and goals of the Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries (PTDLs), and to advise the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) in these matters for the benefit of PTDLs and their users, and to assist the PTO in planning and implementing appropriate services.

PIF - Patent Information Forum - Danish Patent Information Users Group.

Special Libraries Association (SLA) - An international association representing the interests of thousands of information professionals in over eighty countries worldwide. Special librarians are information resource experts who collect, analyze, evaluate, package, and disseminate information to facilitate accurate decision-making in corporate, academic, and government settings.

SMIPS Society for Management of Intellectual Properties - Japan

WON - Dutch Patent Information Users Group.

Intellectual Property Organisations - Listing compiled by Piper Patent Attorneys, Auckland, NZ.

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