Intellectual Property

International - Patent Attorneys Around the World - listing compiled by James W Piper & Co., Auckland, NZ. The listings are far from complete, and in most countries only a small percentage of the Patent Attorneys of that country are included. They are working to add as many Firms of Patent Attorneys from every country around the world as they can find. Listing are organized geographically by country. Listing include address, phone, fax, and email and web page where available.

International - Patent Buddy for Attorneys is a research site for US and international patent counsel seeking patent professionals (attorney and agents).

Austria - Patent Office list of representatives

Eurasian Patent Office - Former Soviet Union: in Russian only

European Patent Office database is a database of professional representatives, maintained by the European Patent Office. The complete name and address of the representative are inlcuded as well as email addresses and/or WWW-pages if available. The data can only be searched by the Surname or Family name of the patent attorney. The search can also be limited to the country or town of the patent attorney. While searching is not case sensitive, the name of the town must be entered using the spelling and the wording of the national language.

Germany - NETMARK - Patent Attorneys and Lawyers in Germany

Republic of Ireland - Patent Office list

Japan - Patent Attorneys Cooperative Association of Japan list

Kazakhstan - Patent Office list

Netherlands - de_Orde_van_Octrooigemachtigden - by firm

Netherlands - de_Orde_van_Octrooigemachtigden - by individual

Ukraine - The Register of Patent Attorneys of Ukraine - Information from the State Register of Intellectual Property Representatives. Listing contains address, phone, and objects of IP.

United Kingdom - Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys - by firm

United Kingdom - Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys - by individual

USA - Patent Attorneys and Agents Registered to Practice before the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office - USPTO electronic listing which includes Last name, First Name, Street Address, City, State Zip, Phone Number (not required), Registration Number, Indication of attorney/agent/government, and employee status. Searching can be done using boolean expressions or perl expressions.


FindLaw Lawyer Directory is provided by Thomson Reuters. FindLaw offers profiles of lawyers and law firms in the United States and Canada, including International offices. In addition to the profiles available on the Internet, West's Legal Directory on WESTLAW¨, Quicklaw (Canada's Computer Aided Legal Research System) and CD-ROM includes listings for law students, law professors, judges and courts. Listings in WDL provide areas of practice, education, representative cases and clients, current and past affiliations, published works, and past positions. There is also complete contact information, including postal and e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Information is updated daily. Individual lawyer and law office listings are similar to a resume. Contents are profiles sent in by law firms and attorneys. Some attorneys offer very complete profiles, but others provide less information. Basic and advanced searching capabilities are available.