There are many websites that can search Chinese patents:


China patent office has released a new patent search system in 2011, which is Patent Search and Service System of SIPO (PSSS):

It has English interface for searching, but the patent search result analysis interface is only in Chinese so far.

More about official sites from SIPO for searching China patents can be found here: - Registered user can use command searching in Advance search interface. - Searches both English abstracts and Native Chinese (simplified) patents. Auto-translates well known company names from English to Mandarin. - Search full-text CN patents in Chinese or translated into English.  Can view abstract and main claims without user login but for full-text of Chinese patents, need user login.

For Chinese language, sentence are ideograms with no separation. If search by character, truncations are not so important. If search by words, word segmentation is very important since there is no clear definition of the notion of word.

Original Contributors: Li Nixing (8), Easternland (1), Rex (6), etc.

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  1. For help with searching official patent databases from China, users can also visit the "Searching in databases" section on the EPO's virtual helpdesk on Asian patent information at This section of the website provides easy search guides which show step-by-step how to search on the Chinese language interfaces. Topics include document retrieval, legal status search, online file inspection, searching re-examination and invalidation decisions etc. 

    The search guides are frequently updated to cover the most recent developments in the sources, introducing new functionalities. Similar "Searching in databases" sections are also available for searching the databases of the JPO, KIPO and TIPO.