Dolcera invites you to our workshop titled "Patent Collaboration Tools and Techniques" on May 22nd, Sunday, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

The session is designed for new and existing users of our award winning Patent Dashboard.

We take this opportunity to walk you through the demonstration of our latest innovation which helps the user to

  • Normalize patent assignee names by tracking reassignment information, removing typos, and identifying the corporate parents of assignees
  • Integrate and search popular patent databases and store operations inside the console
  • Organize patents and non-patent literature into recognizable mind maps
  • Search in various sections of patent
  • Tag and rate for future document reference
  • Use enhanced filter criteria that facilitate patent data analytics (e.g. filtering patents by country codes)
  • Add, delete, edit patent notes, category notes etc.
  • Export data in standard formats like Aureka

Please visit our workshop for an exclusive and free Live Demo on the Dolcera’s Patent Dashboard and get a Free 30 day trial offer!

We look forward to meet you in our booth and also in the workshop.

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  • There have been several attempts by analytic firms in the past to clean up and normalize assignee names and assign accurate parent-child relationship. The Dolcera team has employed a set of advanced machine learning techniques to make significant advances in this area. This functionality is simple but powerful, and this is what we will share with you at the workshop. 
  • Dolcera has developed this tool to visually collate and organize patents for research purposes. This platform has been developed with active inputs from some of the world's largest companies and also working closely with patent professionals.

Note: The earlier versions of the patent dashboard allowed Dolcera team’s intervention to add data into the dashboard’s database while the latest Dolcera Patent Dashboard allows anyone to add patent / non patent literature into the Dashboard from its slick interface.

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