I was hoping to hear from anyone who has used the EPO's software tool, IPScore for evaluating an assignee's patent portfolio.


  1. I played with it a little bit. It is basically an MS Access program that lets you answer some "survey-like" questions about your portfolio and then uses that information to calculate a score. Other than quantifying your own opinion of the portfolio, I'm not sure what it is useful for.

  2. Initially targeted toward and underappreciated by the financial accounting community, IPscore is nicely suited for working with faculty and researchers. Currently available in English, German, French, Spanish and Danish, IPscore versions in Japanese, Chinese and Korean have been donated to the EPO for approval and eventual free release. In addition, volunteers are translating IPscore into Italian, Hungarian, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Malaysian and Indonesian. This wide range of languages, plus XML-based data exchange formats now being developed, will make IPscore an essential tool for international technology transfer.