This Job Posting forum on the PIUG wiki is now closed. 

It has been replaced by the PIUG Job Posting Forum on the PIUG website. 

Archival entries – generally before December 2010 – are available in the Job Postings Archive forum.

The following content is for archival purposes only. 

The following procedures should be followed:

  • Title each new topic with Job Posting - at the beginning in order to facilitate recognition by recipients of email notifications.
  • Add a job title directly after "Job Posting" as well as your organization's name.
  • Add a date at the end of the title so that people know how recent the posting is. Please update the topic when the job is filled by appending (CLOSED) to the subject line.
  • Be sure the content of the message is complete. Attachments should be supplemental to the content and not substitutes for it.
  • Do not add duplicate postings. However, if you want to send out an email notification again, just edit the page with new information and save without checking the "Minor change?" box below the edit text box.
  • Do not put job postings in the main PIUG Discussion Forum. Such topics will immediately be moved manually to this forum so please don't make extra work for the administrators.
  • To get email messages for your own postings, be sure to use the top menubar item Settings...Manage my Email Notifications...Notify me on my own Postings.

Users who post here should return to update topics when they are no longer active, such as by modifying the title with closed, filled, inactive, expired or the like, in a timely manner. Be sure to check the "Minor Change?" box if you don't want an email notification to go out to all users "watching" the topic.




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