In the interest of generating more discussion on the PIUG Discussion Forum (PIUG-DF), the PIUG Board of Directors has decided to make available to current PIUG members four generic usernames to enable members to anonymously post comments, opinions or questions relating to patent information. Several members have expressed a desire to post to the PIUG Discussion Forum but have been unable due to company policies, privacy concerns or other legitimate reasons as noted in Dominic DeMarco's post entitled Adding a dash of anonymity and the ensuing discussion.

The generic usernames and corresponding passwords are provided solely on the members-only page Anonymous wiki access using generic usernames for PIUG members only. It must be understood that these accounts will be used in good faith and that any insulting, profane, pejorative, derogatory or defamatory posts will not be tolerated. Should unprofessional or abusive content be posted using one of the generic usernames or it becomes evident that a generic username has been used to edit the content of others, all of the generic usernames will be immediately disabled and the ability to post anonymously will irrevocably cease.

All PIUG members are therefore encouraged to make use of the generic usernames in a respectful, responsible and professional manner.

PIUG membership benefits and enrollment information are available on the PIUG Membership page.

Guide to Use of Generic Usernames

  • Log in to the PIUG wiki, using your user name and password to access the PIUG Member's Only section generic username page to select one of the four generic usernames and corresponding. More than one person can use the same username and password at the same time.
  • Log out of the PIUG wiki, and log back in using the generic user name and password in order to post your content anonymously on the PIUG Discussion Forum.
  • Do not share with others or change the password for any of the generic usernames. Passwords for the generic usernames may be changed at any time by the PIUG administrator.
  • Do not edit content from others who have used the same generic username. Violation will result in all generic usernames being irrevocably disabled.
  • Do not use the generic usernames to post insulting, profane, pejorative, derogatory, defamatory, abusive or unprofessional content. Violation will result in all generic usernames being irrevocably disabled.
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