All of us have often faced the issue of name (inventor/assignee) standardization while working with large patent data sets.  There is a new tool by Google (why am I not surprised!) which helps us resolve this.

Google Refine: For those who often work with large data sets and use excel frequently to manage humongous amounts of data. Google Refine is a tool that helps clean up inconsistencies, transform data from one format to another and extend it with external data sets. Watch this shot video to understand what it does:

Download it from:

Best of all, it is a desktop application and your super-sensitive data never leaves your laptop.




  1. Oh Amit, if I were in India right now I would kiss you!

    This looks fantastic and a much needed resource for the patent analysis community.

    Thanks for letting us know about it.

    Best regards,


    1. Thanks Tony!!

      Btw, the gentleman who designed this tool is also the driving force behind the MIT SIMILE project - which itself presents a number of free, and easy to use, visualization tools. Most of his work is on meta-data and its presentation, and this project itself borrows and number of features from his earlier work!