PIUG members are strongly encouraged to create and maintain Personal Spaces as their professional portals. These may contain multiple pages as well as attachments, e.g. resumes, that would be appropriate to highlight one's professional life. The Personal Space is similar to committee, task force and committee spaces but only the registered user controls the content. Some tips follow.

Create a Personal Space - Click on your photo (or default avatar) in the upper right corner and select Add Personal Space. If you are a PIUG member, the profile page will provide a link in the statement "You can create a personal space to keep your own pages and news." Follow that link to the page to create your personal space and follow these directions:

Security - Personal spaces may be set for viewing by anonymous users, as is the main PIUG space, which also allows indexing by search engines. However, only users who have registered for PIUG wiki and can login should be granted access to actually edit or comment on PIUG pages, spaces or blogs. Anonymous users must not be allowed to post content because some have posted inappropriate content. Here's what you must do: login, go to your personal space, click on bullet point  icon just to the right of your name. Then select Permissions . The only box under Anonymous Access that may be checked is View, and even this is optional. All other boxes must be Xs to avoid spam on the PIUG wiki. You may grant rights to the confluence-users group under groups, but you probably only want to offer Add Comments rights. 

Theme - When setting up the Personal Space for the first time, be sure to use the default "Adaptavist Theme Builder" theme. After that, the choice should be PIUG Main Layout. Users may be creative and try other or create other layouts, but then users would not have the top menu bar and left-side navigation that they would be used to on almost all the other spaces within the PIUG Wiki. Further changes to the layout Personal Space layout would have to be coordinated with the site administrator (piugwikimaster @ gmail.com). The PIUG Main Layout requires the users to add a photo or assign a placeholder avatar.

Editing Content - Users may edit their personal spaces at any time using the "Edit Personal Space" link under the username menu item in the top menu bar.

Email addresses - If you set up a Personal Space, users will be directed in links to it rather than to your Personal Profile. The latter includes your email address by default. However, your Personal Space is blank and contains no contact information. Please be sure to add your email address at minimum in your Personal Space. Consider disguising the email address with spaces around the @ sign to keep spammers from harvesting the password, e.g. piugwikimaster @ gmail.com. Links to personal webpages and LinkedIn pages are also frequently useful.

Blogging - A "blog" function is available for users in their personal spaces. See the Confluence help page on Working with Blog Posts

See the Confluence Help page on "Setting up your personal space" for more information. Note that this is generic Confluence help and does not include specific functionality and themes available on the PIUG wiki implementation.