"Now I can finally put a face to the name" OR "Now I can finally put a name to the face."

The PIUG wiki is all about building community among patent information specialists worldwide. Please add an appropriate profile photo as well as basic contact and professional information to your wiki profile.

Important: Profile pictures on the PIUG wiki are square and 48 x 48 pixels. While any photo file may be uploaded, the Confluence wiki application sometimes has difficulty converting rectangular images to appropriate square ones. If the conversion doesn't work, users should use a photo editing program to create a square image of the right size. A good alternative is to use your photo from your LinkedIn profile.

Simple procedure for adding your LinkedIn picture to your PIUG wiki profile:

  1. Right click on your LinkedIn photo and save the picture/image in a convenient folder on your computer.
  2. Login to the PIUG wiki.
  3. Click on the default avatar in the upper right corner, click on Profile, then Picture. Or just go to http://wiki.piug.org/users/profile/editmyprofilepicture.action
  4. Upload the image from LinkedIn or elsewhere. 

PIUG members are also strongly encouraged to create and maintain Personal Spaces as their professional portals. These may contain multiple pages as well as attachments, e.g. resumes, that would be appropriate to highlight one's professional life. See Personal Space Help page for further information.

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